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Grants for Property Repairs and Maintenance

By: Abigail Taylor - Updated: 13 Feb 2024 | comments*Discuss

From time to time, all properties need repairs or maintenance carrying out. This may be for safety reasons, aesthetic reasons, or to increase efficiency and so reduce costs. Unfortunately property repairs and maintenance are often costly. There are however various monetary schemes and grants available to assist.

Home Improvement Agencies Scheme

This is a Local Authority scheme that provides assistance for energy efficiency measures and immediate essential repairs. These could be any repairs from a need for loft insulation to a need to repair holes in floor boards.

To qualify for this scheme, the applicant must be a homeowner (which may include private landlords). Tenants may also be eligible if they are renting privately and have maintenance obligations under their tenancy agreement.

The scheme is not means tested. However Local Councils have a limited budget and so those with low incomes who are unable to repair an unsafe property are likely to be prioritised on a greatest need basis. Speak to your Local Council about whether they run this scheme in your area and your likelihood of acceptance. You can also find out from this list on the Housing Care.org website

Equity Release Scheme

This is another Local Authority scheme. However you must be aged 65 and over to qualify and the scheme will only consider applications in respect of essential repairs.

This scheme essentially works as an interest free loan, allowing you to borrow a small amount of money against your home. It allows you to essentially obtain a second mortgage, but not have to repay any money until your property is sold (which could be after your death).

This option does however come with a warning: if you still have a mortgage on your property, it is advisable to discuss the current equity in your home with a lawyer or your local Citizens Advice Bureau before pursuing applying for the scheme. This is because you will have to pay any shortfall to lenders if your property does not have enough equity upon sale.

Disabled Facilities Grant

If you are registered disabled, you can apply for a disabled facilities grant. This is a grant for facilities necessary to assist someone with a particular disability. It has previously been used to pay for items such as handrails, stair lifts and electric beds.

If you are disabled, speak to your Local Council about applying for this grant. Whilst it isn't directly designed for general property maintenance, the money could be used to assist a disabled person to make their property safe. For example if you have limited mobility and your wooden staircase is rotting and unsafe, the grant could be used to install a new staircase with safety rails which is necessary to keep you mobile. This is therefore an indirect way for a section of society to pay for the cost of urgently needed property repairs.

House Proud Scheme

This scheme gives out low cost loans to homeowners and tenants over the age of 55. The money borrowed is to be used specifically for property maintenance and renovation. As well as urgent repairs needed for safety reasons, this maintenance could also include energy efficiency measures such as installing loft and cavity wall insulation and double glazed windows.

This is a loan and so the scheme will have to consider credit ratings to establish the risk involved in lending. However for those with a low income about to enter retirement, this is a much better option than taking out a bank loan to pay for property repairs, as the interest rates are considerably lower than the national lenders average.

Energy Efficiency Grants

For property repairs such as replacing old windows with new double glazing, there are a number of other energy efficiency grants available privately through large energy companies.

Following the government's Green Deal programme, large energy companies were obliged to offer grants and incentives to assist people to install energy saving measures. This can be as small as a water company providing free water saving devices such as tap inserts to reduce the flow of water by up to 70%. However some companies also offer incentives such as a fixed lower rate for those installing energy saving measures, so that the cost is recovered over a period of time in savings on your bills. Whilst this is not a direct way of getting assistance with property maintenance, it can help those struggling to pay the cost of repairs by lowering other monthly outgoings. There is information about to how to talk to a green deal assessor on the government's website.

There are a number of monetary assistance programmes and grants available through your local government and private schemes to assist homeowners and private tenants with the cost of property maintenance and repairs. Local Government Schemes often only run for a short period of time. However new schemes are regularly introduced so it is important to speak to your Local Council if you require assistance. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau may also be able to provide you with advice about options available to you and to fill in any applications.

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I have five fence panels out my garden isn’t secure I can’t get a loan due to bad credit score and I’m struggling to afford it I’m 75 get pension credit and attendance allowance
Tilly - 13-Feb-24 @ 4:56 PM
Need underfelt for roof blue slate
Lee - 21-Dec-23 @ 5:57 PM
We have a retaining wall at the side of our property that is bowing. We have just been quoted £20,000 for the works to make it safe. Needless to say, we don't have that much money lying around. We've been told there is a high risk that the wall will collapse and is a risk to people (there is a car park at the other side of the wall. I am at my wit's end. My husband was made redundant almost a year ago and we're really struggling. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Shippers71 - 4-Oct-23 @ 9:25 PM
I have a grade 2 listed house which is grade*listed the cob boundary wall is cracked and unstable and in danger of causing major problems for the Neighbour,I am on pension guarantee credit and wonder if it’s possible to get help I have been quoted £1500
Sharon - 22-Sep-23 @ 1:17 PM
I live in a grade 2 listed thatched cottage. The thatch needs either repairing or replaced, the windows also need repair or replacement as they let in the cold, so heating bills are very high! Also they're beams that need strengthening, because they're splitting. I just haven't the money to pay for these things
Lsarony - 24-Jul-23 @ 1:41 PM
i am 68 years old and in a wheelchair l an't able to fits my house and its is falling in i need the hold house rework i am not to pay for it and i am a veteranand central air need work i need helpand low income thank youmy name -virgil bradley -7/18/2023 and set up for a disable person in a wheel chair
virgil bradley - 18-Jul-23 @ 6:52 PM
My house which I own jointly with my wife is in a dangerous state.It has subsidence problems due to lack of maintenece,hence no insurance cover,driveway,front ,and rear patio need ripping up and replacing.major repairs needed to central heating,bathroom,and bedroom.Repairs would cost as much as house is worth,if the roof failed tomorrow,I don’t know what would happen,the roof is 60 years old.I’m 76 years old with health issues.If the house collapses there would be a problem with vermin,the house is semi-detached.I’ve no money for these type of repairs,I know it’s my neglect,but that does’nt help the situation.It’s only a matter of time before we’re homeless,and there’s the innocent neighbours,who keep their house immaculate,I really do’nt know which way to turn.
Binsley - 10-Jul-23 @ 7:49 AM
I'm dad past away last yearhe left me the houseit needs lots of repair to do andnew kitchen I on esa but I 52 years oldwhat to do my wife not well she58 need help 0114 4385029 thanks
Ellott70.com - 21-May-23 @ 10:36 AM
I'm dad past away last yearhe left me the houseit needs lots of repair to do andnew kitchen I on esa but I 52 years oldwhat to do my wife not well she58 need help
Ellott70.com - 21-May-23 @ 10:35 AM
I own my house without a mortgage but it needs structural repairs. I'm a lone parent in my early 50s, with a disabled teenager, am on carers allowance and UC. No savings! Tried to borrow against the value of the house to make the repairs, but was turned down. Live in South Wales. Are there any grants I could apply for, please? The only ones I could find are for empty properties and the over 60s.
Melody - 5-Mar-23 @ 2:51 PM
Asking for a neighbour, she was ill police came broke in as she couldn’t get to the door. Now needs a new front door is there any help out there.
Maj - 30-Jan-23 @ 10:49 PM
I'm a blind and disabled person. I need the front of house resurfaced and cemented or slabbed. Which agency in N.ireland can do this for me.
Oneillpamela59@gmail - 20-Jan-23 @ 9:44 PM
I’m inquiring about a grant to help renovate my house I have a severe rat problem they have eaten my wires to my AC unit and the house needs to be gutted and redone I do not have any money I am disabled but I have not been able to get on Social Security disability yet my disability is bipolar schizophrenic anxiety depression PTSD and I was hoping that you could help with these renovations could you please get back to me as soon as possible thank you God bless
Bigj - 9-Jan-23 @ 7:48 AM
Looking for help with Window and doors New radiators Guttering and facias
Kerrie Dunkley - 26-Dec-22 @ 5:42 AM
I'm 70 live alone, just had equity out my house to pay off mortgage, I'm still working can't afford to retire. Now my roof has a hole. Had an estimate he said it's not bad but will get worse with the weather. I really need to get this done. The quote was for 1,200 unable to find that but could pay monthly. Can you help. Kind regards Caroline
Annie - 7-Oct-22 @ 1:39 PM
I have aflat roof which is leaking which has caused the ceiling to collapse and needs completely replacing but as I am on state pension, pension credit and pip can't afford it. Is there any grants or any other way I can get help please.
Pen8 - 16-Aug-22 @ 3:13 PM
hello my names Angelal am disabledand my husbond is very ill with epilepsyand heart problemsand on benifitswe live in a bungalowand we have had to borrow money fromthe council todo a lot of repairsin the past and we owe 15 000 this will be paid back when we sell or diewe have no savings and are really strugglingwe have a problem that has been checked and our electric is not earthedanddangerous and needs a compleat rewireing through outhalf the electrics and sockets dont workwe carnt borrow for these works to be donebecause our credit is lowand the council only lend a minimum amount and for some reason my electric is sky high we spend at least 80 a week on electric alonethen gaswe are at our wits endjust dont know where to turn we were told we need the electrics done asp its very dangerous and old and on 3 circuitsthis scares us to death thst it could at any time start a fireplease if theres any one that has a good heart out there that can help us please get in touchthis would be amazingwouldntbe thankfull enough .
big al - 4-Aug-22 @ 11:00 PM
Hi I have a collapsed sewer line and it's now flooding my downstairs of my house with raw sewage I want to call the relevant people out but as I am on universal credit and only get £305 every 4 weeks I can't afford to pay for any major work that needs to be carried out I'm at the point now where its getting beyond my control and need help urgently
Dth1981 - 29-Jul-22 @ 5:45 AM
I have no money builder have lift in bad state no kitchen
Ozzie - 28-Oct-21 @ 9:05 AM
My flat felt garage roof needs replacing as leaked but the roofer who has looked says firstly all the wood gaining inside garage needs replaced and I will never be able to afford this as live alone age 63 on ESA and PIP,IS there any help available for me
Bailey - 12-Oct-21 @ 2:16 PM
Due to being on income based ESA and 2 small pensions I am unable to afford an electrical repair to a severed cable in the ceiling of my lounge. Please can you help me.The Council doesn’t have a repair scheme.
Clarkey - 18-Sep-21 @ 11:33 AM
Good morning. I have just been told that all the water pipes leading into my property are made of lead. I would like to know if there are any grants available to me. Thanks
Jacky - 3-Sep-21 @ 11:29 AM
my name is Joanna, i am on Universal Credit & i only get £400 a month coming in, i was on PIP but i have had it stopped unfairly. A lady called Miriam Wilkinson from Stockport Council who i am currently involved with has told me about you and has said you may be able to help, please could someone get back to me asap.
Joanna - 5-Aug-21 @ 5:25 PM
Hello. I am 71 years of age and single. I am struggling with two garage doors to my property tht are in a bad state. The back garage door, is an up and over door and it has rollers. When I open the door up and over it does not stay in position and slides back down again. I have hit my head on it a couple of times, so now I wedge a screwdriver inthe side to hold it up. Of course this is dangerious, I understand that, but I just cannot afford to have it repaired or the garage doors replace, as I am on state pension and guaranteed pension credit. I was wondering, can I get a grant for this. I also have a letter from my doctor, because I have epilepsy and I have a herniated disc and scolliosis, which causes a lot of pain. Kas..
Kas - 27-Jul-21 @ 7:14 PM
I need a chimney repair, Re-rendered, possibly damp proof. With low income less than £25K will I qualify?
Jord - 15-May-21 @ 7:28 PM
I currently live on my houseboat, but now need to have the deck repaired as it has been leaking to the inside for some time. My finances are poor at this time and I receive guaranteed pension credit and dla as I have been registered disabled for over 10 years. My health at this time is preventing me from carrying out the needed repairs (fibreglass the complete deck around the upperside of my boat to strengthen and waterproof this part of the boats structure). I have been able to purchase the materials required to undertake the repairs, but cannot personally undertake the physical work required to complete the work. I need to pay labour costs and need a grant to help resolve this problem.
Rob - 16-Mar-21 @ 6:42 PM
I have an historical home and I have been trying to find grant to help me restore the home I need some help please
Jones - 3-Mar-21 @ 4:16 PM
I built my house in 1985 At that time we put in Aluminium windows now they are perished and leaking water. The roof is slated and now it is leaking all over. Please advise me on what help is available for me to get my house repaired.
Lar - 21-Feb-21 @ 10:00 AM
Need home repairs, but I'm disabled and have low income.
Terri - 20-Feb-21 @ 6:03 PM
Due to cov 19 I was made redundant last year I had solar pannels put on the roof via a Welsh office grant now my roof is lecking so I had a independent survaer he has told me the roof needs to replaced were can I see if I can help for it I am now on ESA and classed disabled
Chris - 17-Feb-21 @ 8:22 PM
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