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Getting a Renovation Grant

By: Jennifer Lowe - Updated: 5 Apr 2024 | comments*Discuss
Renovation Grant Financial Help For Home

Please note, grants for renovations have been cut back in recent years and not all local authorities will be able to offer them, even if you fit the eligibility criteria.

Buying a house is possibly one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make and buying a property at a cheaper price because it needs renovating can prove even more costly, particularly in today’s climate.

Gone are the days when you could purchase a derelict building transform it into a palace and make millions in profits when you sell up.

However, most local councils now offer grants to help with the costs associated with renovating a property.

Renovation grants were introduced to provide financial assistance towards substantial repairs or improvements that need to be made to a property to make it fit for human habitation.

Homeowners, landlords and, in some cases, tenants, have access to a renovation grant, but they do come with very strict guidelines.

Granting Eligibility

These grants are provided at the discretion of your local authority and are means-tested. This basically means that the amount you will receive is dependent on your income, so the more you earn the less the grant will be.

There is, however, a maximum amount that can be awarded and this is £20,000 for owner-occupiers and tenants and between £10,000 and £15,000 per unit for landlords, although, this is dependent on the landlords overall plan of letting of the property.

To be eligible for the grant, the property itself must have been built more than 10 years ago, can’t be a second or holiday home and, in the case of owner-occupier applications, it has to have been occupied by you for at least three years before you make the initial grant request.

There are also some conditions to the grants being offered which have to be adhered to for 10 years by owner-occupiers and five years for landlords.

If the conditions are breached at any point during this time then the grant must be repaid to the council that awarded it. This also applies if the property is sold within the condition period.

Work in Progress

Renovations that qualify for a grant are, basically, those that are needed to improve the property up to the Decent Homes standard. This can include improvements such as damp proofing, re-roofing, the replacement of windows and doors or improving insulation and heating.

When you apply to your local authority for a renovation grant, you will need to provide them with some additional details. These include, two itemised estimates for the work that you wish to carry out, plans and specs if they are necessary and a deed of agreement document.

When drawing up your plans and working out the costs involved in the project, you must always get quotes from at least three places, this way the local authority will be able to make an informed decision based on an average project cost.

This information will then be supported by an application form that you can get directly from your local authority.

If you need any form of consent, whether it be planning permission, building regulation approval or listed building consent, then you must have approval from the relevant bodies before making an application for the renovation grant.

The main thing that you must remember is that the renovation grant will not be awarded for any work that has already been started on a property, so make this your first stop!

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Hi i am a home owner the property is D rating i am age 61 i have penetrating and rising damp i am on benefits so have not got the money to fix the problems My home is in need of a damp proof course and some construction repairsas the damp has spread throughout the house Effecting the ceilings windows and walls Its very coldeven if heatings on there is no warmth is there any help i can get wirh this problem please D 5/4/24 @ 10.44 am
D - 5-Apr-24 @ 10:46 AM
Roses - 19-Mar-24 @ 10:50 AM
I am in receipt of the universal credit and I am also disabled and receive PIP. I have a child and a single parent My chimney casing / flashband is gone and water is coming into my house and another separate leak downstairs via my patio door where the lent is. I need help
Lost - 1-Mar-24 @ 12:27 AM
I am in receipt of the state pension. I am also disabled and receive PIP . My wife is in receipt of New Style ESA and PIP .
Tony - 18-Feb-24 @ 8:54 PM
My property was left to me in a will. It has no kitchen and I’m not able to work. So my income is very little. How do I get help with finances for a kitchen please
Cath - 15-Jan-24 @ 11:12 AM
I have damp in my home and also need a little roof repair I’m on universal credit is there any help?
Emma - 9-Jan-24 @ 1:02 PM
Our home is very damp , need a damp course desperately , also bay windows roof needs replacing as this is causing the damp , we are both pensioners aged 73 years , are we entitled to a grant for the work ? With thanks .
Maz - 8-Jan-24 @ 6:48 PM
My property has an F rating. Currently have no heating or hot water, damp inside, failed electric sockets, a leaking roof and minimal insulation. Single parent and no savings or money left after bills. Will i get a grant if im not claiming benefits? Currently working 2 jobs and now having to apply for a 3rd to meet cost of living!
Sof - 6-Jan-24 @ 8:42 PM
I have damp on the whole of one side of my house, major cracks in my ceilings including one room where its coming down slightly. The roof needs addressing. I am on universal credit, work and DLA but cant get any help, cant afford to do it myself. Single mum with an autistic child.Need a grant before the house falls apart??
Vic - 2-Jan-24 @ 10:05 PM
I'm after damp proofing my home as getting bad damp , I'm currently on universal credit and wonder if any help
A - 2-Jan-24 @ 4:34 PM
My kitchen is falling apart.I own my own home,but have no savings and get pension credit.I have dementia and learning disability.Can I get help with getting a new kitchen.I need a built in seat,as I struggle to stand for long periods,is this possible?
Maz - 22-Dec-23 @ 9:00 AM
I am a pensioner and homeowner, been living in my house for over 20 years and since the past couple of years I have noticed damp on the walls. Is there a grant that can help me get support/ repair these walls?
LB - 20-Dec-23 @ 2:53 AM
I have a Victorian terrace and the wiring is the same as when we moved in 30+ years ago. We are in our 60s and the plugs and switches are very old. Could we get a grant to rewire the house?
JMD - 29-Nov-23 @ 9:43 PM
I specialise in damp proofing treatments, Anybody wanting any advice feel free to get in touch
Tommy - 27-Nov-23 @ 5:03 PM
Removing damp Wall insulation
fah - 27-Nov-23 @ 1:18 PM
Hi I’m in desperate need for 2 things one is a kitchen right now my kitchen consists on 1 cupboard and a unit with 2 drawers in it. I have a cooker and a fridge. Most of my cooking utensils pots and things are in cardboard boxes under my bed. The second thing is I need a new consumer unit/ fuse box mine is old and on its way out, I know that now it’s not just a case of putting in a new consumer box in there is now regulation saying you need to have the property’s wiring looked at mine is probably very old. I’m on disability so there is no way I can afford to have these done but they are urgent Is there anyway that there is a grant I can get to enable me to get these things done
Tammy - 22-Nov-23 @ 8:20 PM
I urgently need a nre roof as my roof is leaking and the rain keeps coming into my kitchen and garage. I also keep getting damp and rain in my kitchen and garage wall because it's single brick wall and it cannot be insulated. I think it needs a damp course injection. All my units in the kitchen are damp and wet. I really need money to sort this out as it's far too expensive for me. I am a single parent on benefits with health problems. Can someone please help me.
Kay - 22-Nov-23 @ 1:57 PM
How do you apply for a home improvement grant. I have what I think is rising damp Imy bedroom.
Ozz - 8-Nov-23 @ 4:38 PM
Hi I am a pensioner homeowner. Live in a Victorian Cottage. It needs rewiring. Is there a Grant I can apply for? Thanks
Mac - 2-Nov-23 @ 1:13 PM
Hi, looking for a grant for flat repairs my bathroom, master bedroom, living and kitchen are damaged and needs damp treatment and plastering due to water leaking from upstairs flat has damaged my home are there grants for these repairs.
Marwa - 13-Oct-23 @ 8:39 PM
my property needs re rendering due to damp, i rent the property out to tennant who claims benefits is there any grants available to do the work needed ?
jon - 13-Oct-23 @ 10:02 AM
Hi Bought my house 2 years ago, this year I have noted damp issues down stairs. Is there a grant I can apply as my finances not good at present to afford fixing it.
Pat - 2-Oct-23 @ 8:54 PM
I have a patio above my garage. The inside of the garage is not leaking but the wall above the garage has a persistent leak. I’m worried that it’s coming from the patio above. I live on my own and own the property.
Pamster - 24-Sep-23 @ 3:42 PM
Hi there my mortgaged home is in a very poor state of repair, dampmould on the walls, windows in need replacing, doors not adequate,inside walls run with condensation,unable to economically keep the house warm. Help!
Sue - 23-Sep-23 @ 9:16 PM
Hi I'm on income support 65 yrs old and own a house. I'm in need of a new kitchen is there any grants available in scotland that covers this
Tina - 18-Sep-23 @ 1:52 PM
Hi, I'm currently in a 3 bed council house. We are a family of 7 2 girls 3 boys but got a girl and boy in there teens and then 3 younger ones and pregnant with our 6th. We need to adapt the homes which the housing association as they would accept if we have a goodchecked company to do the work. For spliting one of double rooms and going into the attic. Obviously need quite abit of money to do this. And cost of living at the minute makes it impossible to save. Iv heard of grants or loans available to help people in these situations. Can any one point me in right direction on what I could be entitled too or what to ask for etc. Thank you for reading.
Lora - 15-Aug-23 @ 8:00 PM
Hilooking for a grant for house repairs my bathroom need completely doing due to water damage also bedrooms need plastering due to water damage are there grants for house repairs.
Mags - 14-Aug-23 @ 12:16 PM
How can I apply please? Very urgent Thank you
Sadie - 9-Aug-23 @ 10:56 PM
Hi, I’ve been granted a grant for home insulation to improve my energy rating.So far, the loft has been insulated and the 40 year old boiler replaced. However on coming to install under floor insulation the builders discovered that I have no damp course. They can’t continue until this is in place. Are there grants available for installing a damp course?
GinnyT - 9-Aug-23 @ 2:09 PM
I have a Airey houses needing repairs is there any help for this
Lacey - 12-Jul-23 @ 11:42 PM
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