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Getting a Renovation Grant

By: Jennifer Lowe - Updated: 3 Jun 2020 | comments*Discuss
Renovation Grant Financial Help For Home

Please note, grants for renovations have been cut back in recent years and not all local authorities will be able to offer them, even if you fit the eligibility criteria.

Buying a house is possibly one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make and buying a property at a cheaper price because it needs renovating can prove even more costly, particularly in today’s climate.

Gone are the days when you could purchase a derelict building transform it into a palace and make millions in profits when you sell up.

However, most local councils now offer grants to help with the costs associated with renovating a property.

Renovation grants were introduced to provide financial assistance towards substantial repairs or improvements that need to be made to a property to make it fit for human habitation.

Homeowners, landlords and, in some cases, tenants, have access to a renovation grant, but they do come with very strict guidelines.

Granting Eligibility

These grants are provided at the discretion of your local authority and are means-tested. This basically means that the amount you will receive is dependent on your income, so the more you earn the less the grant will be.

There is, however, a maximum amount that can be awarded and this is £20,000 for owner-occupiers and tenants and between £10,000 and £15,000 per unit for landlords, although, this is dependent on the landlords overall plan of letting of the property.

To be eligible for the grant, the property itself must have been built more than 10 years ago, can’t be a second or holiday home and, in the case of owner-occupier applications, it has to have been occupied by you for at least three years before you make the initial grant request.

There are also some conditions to the grants being offered which have to be adhered to for 10 years by owner-occupiers and five years for landlords.

If the conditions are breached at any point during this time then the grant must be repaid to the council that awarded it. This also applies if the property is sold within the condition period.

Work in Progress

Renovations that qualify for a grant are, basically, those that are needed to improve the property up to the Decent Homes standard. This can include improvements such as damp proofing, re-roofing, the replacement of windows and doors or improving insulation and heating.

When you apply to your local authority for a renovation grant, you will need to provide them with some additional details. These include, two itemised estimates for the work that you wish to carry out, plans and specs if they are necessary and a deed of agreement document.

When drawing up your plans and working out the costs involved in the project, you must always get quotes from at least three places, this way the local authority will be able to make an informed decision based on an average project cost.

This information will then be supported by an application form that you can get directly from your local authority.

If you need any form of consent, whether it be planning permission, building regulation approval or listed building consent, then you must have approval from the relevant bodies before making an application for the renovation grant.

The main thing that you must remember is that the renovation grant will not be awarded for any work that has already been started on a property, so make this your first stop!

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Hello I am a single parent with a child who suffers from asthma. My property has either rising damp or dry rot and i simply cannot afford to get this repaired. I'm i eligible for a grant thanks
Naheeda - 2-Jun-20 @ 11:46 PM
I have a 2 bedroom bungalowthe firewall has dampness I have a disability& getting benefits I had a surveyor out to have a look at this & he says it needs damp proof course needed would I be eligible for a grant to help me with this
Mary - 27-May-20 @ 8:25 AM
Hi, am I entitled for a grant to payanything, the property is in desperate needfor new slate roof and a re rendering to part of the property, or possibly to adapt bathroom room to a shower room for my daughter as she epilepsy and is not able to have baths ? The house is 1906.
Lyn - 18-May-20 @ 1:50 PM
I have a 2 bed property with 2 children. The first is 11 and the second is 7 months. could i apply for a grant for an extension to add another bedroom? thanks
Jim - 14-May-20 @ 10:50 AM
Hi could you tell me if I could be eligible for a grant towards the cost of a new roof and double glazing for my ex council house that I now own. I live alone and I am in receipt of ESA.
Andi - 11-May-20 @ 9:48 PM
Can you get restration grants for commercial property, run down ,and health hassled Let me no
King - 6-May-20 @ 12:39 PM
We have a lot of damn in the house and need to do property renovation as i have 6 kids plus me and my wife living in a 3 bedroom small property now struggling to survive please help
Mo - 4-May-20 @ 10:58 PM
Double glazing was fitted 20 odd yrs ago the seals have gone the windows don't close properly is there anything I can get help with....also my guttering has never been replaced since house built in 1930's and is loose or in poor state of repair..ve tried to keep up witb my house repairs but these are big jobs i am unabke to afford.I live alone and am unable to work for health reasons and get pip mobility high rate.
Debz - 3-May-20 @ 9:21 AM
Can i acquire a renovation grant for a privately owned home?
Ehs - 17-Apr-20 @ 8:38 AM
Hi my wife and I live in bungalowrender has fallen of chimney and some roof slates have fallen of or moved the whole gable end is soaking wet inside when it rains onboth bedroom walls It was that bad that the floor in bedroom collapsed with the soaking wet timbers The damp is just about everywhere in the house And also the flat roof on extension is leaking
Pete - 15-Apr-20 @ 3:23 PM
Hi I am in receipt of pip, esa, universal credit, is there any help I can get as under bath is leaking bad I cannot afford to repair it, as I do need this for my disability.
Mike - 13-Apr-20 @ 11:21 AM
My husband and I are both in our 75 th year bought the house outright with our savings a dorma bungalow needed a lot of work of which we have tried to do we now find the roof leaks and windows need replacing .We are both disabled and wondered if a grant would be available i get disablement on middle rate but my husband doesn’t thank you .
Oldbatty - 6-Apr-20 @ 4:05 AM
i have a flat roof in the conservatory that has leaked and caused a lot of damage. a tradesman came and found that the guterring to my home has caused even more damage to the back and front of the housethe ceiling to the conservatory had to be taken down, and also the room is now damp.....i dont know what to do i cant afford it at all
fee - 20-Mar-20 @ 1:56 PM
Please could someone get back to me as I need advice on getting help towards repairing or replacing my roof as it is leaking
Rachel hartley - 12-Mar-20 @ 11:24 PM
I bought my council house 20years ago I bought it on my own worked hard to pay my mortgage . A few years ago the council did the pointing and cleaned the brick work This included ex council I was on holiday andthey didn’t do my brick on the front of house it a looks mess iv never had any help.. when I first moved in 20years ago the kitchen was brick with 2 cupboards in but I carnt afford to do this
Bambi - 11-Mar-20 @ 10:57 PM
I have a 400 year old house and all the roof slates have nail rot and need to be replaced.The storm this Spring has dislodged many tiles and water is getting into the house.Can you advise of help available in Mid Devon?
Rich - 10-Mar-20 @ 4:30 PM
Hi my husband is terminally ill and we are on a low income the flat roof of our property has leaked through to our kitchen I am his Carer and he has state pension and attendance allowance are there any grants we could apply for as we don’t have the money or saving to fix this Thank you Elizabeth Gallant My husband is 72 with terminal cancer
Lizzy - 10-Mar-20 @ 3:55 PM
my house is very old and i have a big worry as i have been told the chimney needs attention, possible rebuilding to some extent and as i m on a busy road a scaffold to protect the worker. i am afraid it might fall in. there are other things i need to attend to but the chimney is a big worry. the house is 150 years old, i am 70 and struggle to keep the house going but i don't want to leave . could i get any funding for this worrying chimney
lyn - 9-Mar-20 @ 12:10 PM
I live in aend terrace and the gable end is in need of repair we are both on pension credit and pip and we have our grandson of 6 living with us the cost of repairs is approximately 3000.00 which we don't have it has become quite bad now as mould has started to appear in our bedroom
Juleah - 5-Mar-20 @ 12:14 PM
Hi i am 23 years old and have inherited a house but there is a lot of work to dodamp course plastering skimming Electrics ect And i am on a low income ave £180£ 240a week But i would like to live there can you give me soom advice pleases many thanks tom
Pruv - 4-Mar-20 @ 4:08 PM
Hi I would like 2 no if there is any kind of help or grants for mould and dampness in homes.I work part time and receive dla for my son but I no I couldn't afford 2 fix this myself.
TT - 3-Mar-20 @ 7:29 PM
Hi my mother is a pensioner she need help with her roof as it leaking and its effect three room? Can some contact me how to apply for a grant
Tab - 27-Feb-20 @ 11:46 AM
My husband recieved lifelong PIP and on top of all his problems with MD we have a small kitchen and I’m finding to hard to keep up with his washing ( bedding / Clothes due to incontinence and could idealally need a utility to give me the extra room need could I get a grant to help with costs we do own the house
Rubybeak - 27-Feb-20 @ 11:42 AM
Hi can you please give me some information on these grants. Thank you
Mrs H - 23-Feb-20 @ 2:35 AM
I am a widow and live in a house built around 1945,the roof tiles are cracked and the whole roof needs replacing,I am on universal credit and pip
Sal - 19-Feb-20 @ 5:47 PM
Hi, Im a tenent renting my mums house, my mum has breast cancer and has no imcome and is off work sick. Im on benifits and have a child on dla, the house needs a lot of repairs and i have a disabled child living in it, i have had to replace cooker myself. Can i have more advice on housing repair grants. House has potential substidance.
Katie - 19-Feb-20 @ 4:21 PM
I am 65 years old and live in an end terraced house with a slate roof. My roof is leaking and coming through my light fitment on the landing ruining my decor which was only done last year. I also have rising damp in the front room and do not have the money the rectify this. I am on esa and pip. Are there any grants that could help me with this Thank you
Lez - 18-Feb-20 @ 12:35 AM
Hi how do I enquire if I am eligible for a grant and who would I contact
Damien - 17-Feb-20 @ 3:00 PM
I am 72 & on pension.Windows condensed and damp in the house .. flat roof needs replacing as cracks appearing on felt and tar.The front door is now drafty and water leaks in when it rains.Mold on some walls .. can i get help with a grants as i cannot afford any repairs on pension
Nas - 16-Feb-20 @ 9:10 AM
My utility room roof is leaking and coming down into living room wall. Also main roof leaking coming into daughters bedroom. My daughter is on disability and I work full time. I can’t afford to have this fixed and wondered if there are grants available RCT area
Max - 16-Feb-20 @ 3:37 AM
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