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A lot of ideas, no matter how good or beneficial they are, need funding to put them into practice. Unless such money is available, the best of projects can soon founder. The GrantsExpert website helps to improve this situation. By providing more an abundance of articles about UK grants and funding schemes, it gives everyone a chance to obtain the financial support required needed for a proposal.
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About Grants: Grants That Promote Human Rights, How Your Local Council Can Help...
Arts: British Council Grants to Artists, Grants for Museums, Receiving an...
Business: Grants for Writers, The Prince's Trust: How You Can Benefit, What is...
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Case Studies: Using the Recession Fund: A Case Study, Funding That Helped a Young...
Education: Funding to Develop Media Skills for Young People, Grants to Improve...
Environment: Severe Weather Grants, Economic Development Grants from Local...
Family: Comic Relief Grants, How to Get a Mobility Grant, Getting Help With...
Health: Paths to Health Grants, Medical Research Council Grants, Royal Blind...
Home: Funding for Home Improvements, Getting Financial Help With Utility...
Professions: Help for Heroes Grants, Merchant Navy Welfare Board Grants,...
Property: Grants Available for Landlords, Empty Property Grants, Getting a...
Sport: Disability Sport Funding, Talented Athletes: Scholarship Schemes,...
Latest Comments
  • leece
    Re: Family Holiday Grants
    My partner has parkinsons and we have never had a holiday he does get quite down and I think a change of scenery will do us all good. We…
    28 January 2015
  • L&D manager
    Re: Grants Towards Your Training Costs
    Hi, I am a L&D manager within a SME of 155 employees (mostly uk based with a few in Singapore and Dubai) and am looking to…
    28 January 2015
  • GrantsExpert
    Re: Empty Property Grants
    @sirbenfro. 'Unoccupied' by you.
    27 January 2015
  • GrantsExpert
    Re: Funding for Unemployed Entrepreneurs
    @Hop on! shop. You can find more information and details of mentors at job centre plus
    27 January 2015
  • Sirbenfro
    Re: Empty Property Grants
    Have I misread this article? It's an empty home grant but yet the article states that you have to have occupied the property for 3 years…
    25 January 2015
  • Hop on! shop
    Re: Funding for Unemployed Entrepreneurs
    I would like to be put in touch with a mentor. It's my husband who receives esa. I am unemployed. We've attempted to…
    24 January 2015
  • GrantsExpert
    Re: Getting a Renovation Grant
    @Kris. Firstly get a second opinion from an alternative roofing company as that sounds very expensive. Try and find one that is…
    22 January 2015
  • GrantsExpert
    Re: Help for Disadvantaged Children
    @Mog. There's a list of more organisations to contact on the Living Made Easy website.
    22 January 2015
  • GrantsExpert
    Re: Grants Available for Landlords
    @hyerpcat. You could try your local authority to see if there are any home improvement grants available for those on low…
    22 January 2015
  • Kris
    Re: Getting a Renovation Grant
    Homeowner since 2007. Had problems with our roof for a while and have now been told by some roofer's that our roof is "nail sick"…
    20 January 2015
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