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Grants That Promote Human Rights

By: Kevin Watson MSc - Updated: 5 Feb 2020 | comments*Discuss
Grants That Promote Human Rights

Working in the field of human rights can be a hazardous way of life. Promoting fairness and decency when a government represents the very opposite is a challenge that requires support and funding. There are, however, grants that encourage human rights development across the world. They can be a vital source of money for activists who are usually volunteers.


As with other funding schemes, human rights grants often fall into one or more categories. Among these are children; education; elections; free speech; health; justice; peace; refugees; religion; women; and work. Most individuals and organisations that apply for such grants seek money to support a particular aspect of human rights work. But what they have in common is a desire to improve people’s lives.

Some larger bodies, though, adopt a more general approach. They request money for general human rights projects that cut across all boundaries.

Types of Grant

There are various types of grant available for promoting human rights. These types match the circumstances of the applicants and their ability to use and spend the money. Essentially, grants come in the form of lump sums; regular payments; money linked to specific projects and programmes; or start-up funds for human rights enterprises. Anyone who makes an application should discuss with the funding body what type of grant is best.

Types of Activity

The proposed activity partly determines the success of a grant application. For instance, training forms an important aspect of human rights work as does public education and legal advocacy. Other activities that qualify for grants include reporting violations of human rights, organising communities, writing reports, and travelling to areas where there’s possible abuse.

Funding Bodies

There are a number of bodies that fund human rights work. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and United Nations Development Programme created the ACT project in 1998. ACT (Assisting Communities Together) gives small grants to people who engage in human rights work at a local level.

The Bromley Trust offers grants to UK charities involved in human rights campaigns. It’s also interested in those who work with victims of human rights violations. The Bromley Trust is keen to help any charity that tackles problems caused by slavery; human trafficking; torture; false imprisonment; and brutal punishments.

The Sigrid Rausing Trust has worked from London since 1995. Its aim is to support human rights around the world. The trust offers small grants up to £15,000. It also has main grants from £15,000 to £850,000.

These are just three of the grant-making bodies keen to fund human rights work. Anyone who wants money for a project should first research the bodies that seem most likely to help. Many grant-making bodies have their basic contact details, funding terms and application deadlines on the Internet.

Contacting the grant-makers also gives a good idea of how to proceed. Applicants must be clear about the areas of human rights their projects cover, the types of activity, the geographic locations of the proposed work, and the types of grant requested. If so, their project proposals will have serious consideration.

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Iam refugee and I need grant to study human rights Could you help me?
Saif Aldine - 21-Feb-19 @ 8:56 PM
Hi there, I am a full-time carer for my mother who is registered disabled and is partially deaf. As her hearing worsens it has been necessary for me as her full-time carer to frequently translate and interpret for her. This being the case I have enrolled on a course being sign language with a deaf charity Kent UK the course fee is £1,048 which as you can imagine I will not be able to pay on a low income just being a carer. I have tried to apply for other government funding albeit unsuccessfully. Thus I hope to enlist your help and charitable support I'm in desperate need of assistance for the course fee which will enable me as a carer to provide efficient care for my mother. I was previously a qualified dental nurse however my mother's needshaving increased I have now become a full-time carer for her and thus need any assistance available to help me fulfil this role to the best of my ability. I would be grateful for your support. I also would find this a great privilege to study with a deaf charity and get my qualifications through them as your potential funds will be going towards helping another charity and by extension people with disabilities similar to that of my mother's. Any information you may require as regards the deaf charity I will be undertaken my studies with please get in contact. I will be happy to forward this to you. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience as my course provider have let me onto the course but have given me a deadline of 3.5 weeks to raise funding for the course or else I will not be able to study this subject which will be ultimately life-changing for my mother and I. Thanks for your time,consideration and generosity in advance. Regards
Miss Jay - 5-Sep-17 @ 7:02 PM
I am working in a charity called Indian social service institute, Tamilnadu, india as project director. We are mainly working with vulnerable groups like women, girls, children & youth groups in the remotted villages of tamilnadu. Our main activities : Day care centresfor the children of working women Voccational training to the adoloscentgrils groups and youth groups Evening education centres for school going children. Micro finance to widows group members Net working for the rights of orphan children We need financial support for the support of education those who are studying in our evening education centres. If you have any prescribed formate for request, kinly send it or send your guidance for us. thanking you Mariagarcy
gracy - 4-Sep-12 @ 6:46 AM
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