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Grants Available for Landlords

By: Jennifer Lowe - Updated: 8 Apr 2024 | comments*Discuss
Grants For Landlords Hmo House In

There are a range of grants and loans for landlords, but what is available from council to council varies. Many local authorities feel that landlords shouldn't have access to grants and loans because they have built up a substantial amount of equity in the property, however, others believe that by having access to these funds tenants will reside in acceptable accommodation.

There are, however, grants available for energy efficiency, HMO conversion and the renovation empty properties for use by tenants.This form of funding is very complicated and each council has different criteria for awarding the grant to landlords. For example, some means-test landlords to assess whether they are eligible for the award and others specifically target landlords that have secure tenants in place.

Becoming energy efficient

Following the introduction of Home Information Backs (HIPs), it has become easier for homes to be given an energy rating. A recent study revealed that an average four-bedroom house has an energy efficient rating of 'E' - which is quite bad considering that 'A' is the best and 'G' is the worst.

Making a property energy efficient can be a very expensive task, but having loft and cavity wall insulation not only helps increase the property's value, but has also become essential if owners wish to improve the saleability of the property.

Pre 1990 houses and those built between 1935 and 1980 are the worst affected and are the primary targets for the Heat Project grants, but this doesn't mean that houses built since then can't get financial assistance.

It is estimated that by installing loft and cavity wall insulation a household can save as much as £250 on their annual fuel bill, not to mention reducing their carbon footprint.In order to qualify for this grant, at least one member of the household, including tenants, must receive one of a list of benefits, including income support, housing benefit or pension credit.

HMO conversion grant

In April 2006, the government introduced a new legislation that required landlords to licence their property if it fell into HMO status.A HMO is basically a building, or part of a building, that is occupied by people who don't live as a single household - with a family relationship. This group of people must also share basic amenities, for example a toilet or bathroom.

Self contained flats that were originally one very large house can also come under the HMO legislation if the conversion was below the Building Regulations standards set out in 1991 and tenants acquire at least a third of the flats.

The HMO conversion grant can be anything up to £30,000 and is used to bring the property in line with the minimum HMO standards.This type of work includes fitting the appropriate fire precaution and safety measures for tenants and meeting the minimum standards required for fixed amenities, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

There are many conditions to meet in order to be eligible for the HMO Conversion grant and these vary depending on your local council. The best thing to do, before applying for the grant, is to check whether or not you are eligible to receive the funding with your local council.

Empty property grant

If you own a property and it has been empty for more than one year, you have the option of being able to let it to council-nominated tenants on a long term lease - usually between five and ten years. If you do this, you could be eligible for an Empty Property grant.

This form of funding covers 50 per cent of the cost of renovation work, including any heating or insulation work.The grant can also be used for properties that are in a substantial state of disrepair or to convert a property from being a single household to a multi household.

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Hello I have rented house let to students and the roof is in very bad shape and I been advised need a new roof, I am 70 years old and with no pension I was wondering is there any grants for renovations for landlord please let me know . Thanking in anticipation Alex
Alex - 8-Apr-24 @ 11:41 AM
I have a bungalow and it's mine I don't have a mortgage anymore it's so damp and mould it's terrible the walls are very wet and it feels wet in the air and I don't know what to do I'm on benefits and can not afford to get any one in to help me,when I get into bed ots wet and you can feel it all over the house
Richo - 20-Nov-23 @ 8:35 PM
I have a Nice house that did have 5 bedrooms. I built a loft conversion a few years ago creating a 3rd floor. With things changing I started renting out a few rooms but when I looked at a renting out a few more my local council said I must have Fire Doors fitted. Fire Doors are very expensive and even more expensive to get them professionally fitted with self closing fittings, hinges and more. To get them done ASAP I need financial help in some form. Is this available?
Lucky - 10-Nov-23 @ 6:19 PM
NONE - 24-Apr-23 @ 2:38 PM
I am 67 and want to rent my house out as 4 rooms with shared facilities kitchen and bathroom, can I get any financial help with fire doors and electric smoke and heat detection system , logbeing a new landlord and providing accommodation ?
Miccon - 2-Apr-23 @ 2:03 AM
It's quite sad - all these people sound like they're in terrible predicaments but from what I can see on here, the author hasn't attempted to respond to any of the comments or questions left. I hope everyone has found some advice somewhere.
Ree - 1-Mar-23 @ 8:01 AM
Can you give me advice on any loans you can provide
none - 4-Nov-22 @ 1:14 PM
Can you give me details of any assistance you can give me regarding a loan for my rented house? Iam the landlord and the property that I own needs about £10,000 worth of repairs done on it, which includes a new kitchen, repairs to the bathroom, and new carpet in the living room
No nick name - 4-Nov-22 @ 1:11 PM
Hi, im a landlord (NI) i rent my 2nd home to a tenant recieving housing benefit. Is there any grant to replace the bathroom in this house for wear and tear reasons or to imporve the home for wear and tear. Especially since its housing benefit the tenant recieves.
Cat - 14-Sep-22 @ 4:50 AM
Hi have a house 6 bed room 3 reception and a large basement which consist of 2 rooms a bath room total of bathrooms And 2 kitchens need grant to make hmo standards can you help
Zahidali - 27-Jul-21 @ 11:49 AM
To whom it may concern. I am a leaseholder. I have been living at my address since August 1995 . I was then a council tenant. I am a single parent and I have alot of outgoings. My bathroom and toilet are in really bad condition. Constant leaks which is affecting the wall too. Ive been making do for years and know that this is really in great need of repair. I have not got any disposable income Everything I earn goes on mortgage service charge council tax etc. Is there any assistance I could receive. Thank you. Kind regards Cara McMahon
Cara - 27-Jun-21 @ 9:31 PM
I’m 65 years old and my mom is 88 years old. We lived in this house always get flooded and turn the house with foundation problem. Basement is always damp and some mold growing. Need help for repairs. Don’t know who I can turn to help the cost.
Sandy - 22-May-21 @ 2:00 PM
hi, my house is about 120 years old and it has been in my family since it was built. i have lived in the house for about 8 years. the problem i have is that the house is in a bad state of repair. it needs new roof windows doors walls plastering wobbly floors . on heating other than an old gas fire in the kitchen and a woodburner in the sitting room. the ceiling in the kitchen is just plasterboard after a flood from the home made bathroom upstairs{ built many years ago.} the repairs on the house have been done by local cowboys as far as i can gather. the worst part is the deeds were lost and i cannot even prove ownership. i am on universal credit and my partner works part time. we could never afford the repairs on this house. is the any help that you are aware of?
felangees - 6-Apr-21 @ 10:31 AM
I purchased a property that I would like to make into supported living that is close to my heart it will enable to give work to the care staff and re home 3 vulnerable adults. I have been told there are certain measures that need to be in place for example fire doors, emergency lighting, an extra bathroom etc I was wondering if there was any funding/ grant available for this. I have spent a lot of money on the property to get it into the condition it is today but did not realise it would not meet the criteria and would need more adaptions to be able to have vulnerable adults back into the community. I would be great full for any help. Thank you
Dor - 8-Mar-21 @ 9:39 PM
Hi, I live in a conservation area and my external wall is crumbling, is there any help available grants that I could apply for?
Igbal - 16-Feb-21 @ 6:22 PM
My parents house has been left to my two brothers & myself in trust while my mum is still alive. We want to rent it out but there’s a lot of repair work/modernisation needed before it’s habitable. It’s been empty for over a year now. Can we borrow money, using the house as equity to carry out the work?
Michele Phillips - 11-Dec-20 @ 1:40 PM
I lived in my house for 27 years with my dad, grandad, sister and my daughter the house hasn’t been renovated in 15 years, holes in the ceiling the walls are crumbling. It’s quiet mouldy and dusty it’s so expensive to fix all the problems I have no idea what to do
Keisha Reid - 24-Nov-20 @ 4:48 PM
Are any grants available for commercial properties? I have somewhere in mind but it’s been empty for years and the owner is 70, disabled and can’t afford to bring it up to standard. I would take it on as a tenancy if the building could be made fit for purpose, and the local community would be delighted to see it in use again.
Gigi58 - 15-Nov-20 @ 11:53 AM
I live in a static caravan on my smallholding alone and happy doing so,my bungalow celing came down 6 years ago water damage(uninsured ) some a well meaning person reported to the council how I was living,I do NOT want help from them just that they leave me alone, I am 75 but as bright as a button, but because I decline their borrow now for repairs pay back comes when I pass away,,Because I refuse they are condemning my electric supplyto my caravan which I live (it's like blackmail) I want NOTHING from them just left alone,,What are my rights,,thank you,,
Billy - 4-Oct-20 @ 11:43 AM
Some double glaze windows are 20 years old Would I be able to get grant
Iqbal - 29-Sep-20 @ 11:33 PM
hi, My family have lived in and owned this pair of 'Houses of special interest '[I have the paperwork] since 1946, they are 180 yrs old. I am retired and my son has special needs and recieves ESA, The render is comming off and people are in danger of being hit by falling masonry, the exposed brickwork is letting the rain in and rotting the wood and plaster in te rooms. I do my best with repairs, but this is too much for me. Can I get a grant to help repair the render? Kay J
Kay - 17-Sep-20 @ 4:05 PM
My wife and I are both 72 years of age and are in receipt of pension credits. We have lived in our house for almost 40 years.we think we might have damp in the lounge round the bay window and near back door and also in the bathroom. We wondered if we would qualify for a grant to get this fixed as I have quite severe COPD
Charlie - 4-Sep-20 @ 6:02 PM
My son who has learning difficulties has been made homeless and is sleeping on my living room floor.Is it possible to get a grant for a loft extension to enable him to have a room?
janek - 14-Jul-20 @ 9:11 AM
Hello, my Daughter wants to build a Granny annex in her garden fo me. I am disabled and 75 years old. Could she get a grant to help with building costs.
Chippy - 11-Jun-20 @ 9:49 AM
Hi! I'm a home owner being living at the same house for over 20 years. I'm not financially strong as before. The Covid 19 episode has not helped. My windows is the issue i would like help on. I have had the double glazing well over 30 years and some are broken being covered with cardboard and plastic, some are cracked and I would like help in getting these replace. Can you advise please.
JAAHBLESS - 10-Jun-20 @ 12:51 PM
MATT - 1-May-20 @ 1:04 AM
Hi l am a landlord brought a flat with a sitting tenant the EPC was an E and was listed as having insulation in walls and roof . Just had a new EPC done and has come back as an F with no insulation in walls or roof . Is there a grant to get theinsulation done l am the lease holder of the flat the landlord owns the block .
jack - 1-Mar-20 @ 3:02 PM
I may like to convert a bedroom for use by a blind person whatbgrants are available and his mych can I charge for his room and care he would have use of therest ofbghe house.
Frank - 29-Feb-20 @ 2:10 PM
Is there any grant for a dss tenants for windows? Got damp around 1 front window and condensation.
FoxyT - 18-Jan-20 @ 8:29 AM
We hve just purchased a shop with rooms above which we like to convert into a self contained unit. Is there a grant available for this from the council? Thks Mary F
MF - 9-Jan-20 @ 11:56 AM
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