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Gardens for Children Grants

By: Kevin Watson MSc - Updated: 17 Jun 2024 | comments*Discuss
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Children love gardens. Whether a garden is private or a community green space, children take pleasure in spending time out of doors.

Parents also benefit from gardens. Gardens are secure environments where parents know that children can play safely.

AlanTitchmarsh Award

The Alan Titchmarsh award is a prize of £250 worth of gardening vouchers. Schools throughout the country can apply.

200 schools receive the vouchers each year. They use them to buy gardening tools, plants and seeds.

Association of Gardens Trusts

The Association of Gardens Trusts has 35 local trust centres across England. It also has links with the Historic Gardens Trust in Wales.

Schools that hope to engage in garden projects for children should contact their local Gardens Trust centre to check the availability of grants.

Awards For All

The national lottery funds the Awards For All grants scheme. The purpose of the scheme is to support community projects. Such projects include restoring or creating community gardens for the benefit of children and adults.

Applicants can receive grants ranging from £500 to £5,000. The Awards For All scheme covers all four of the UK’s regional governments.

B & Q One Planet Living

The DIY store, B & Q, offers grants for various projects including “grow your own”. The grants are £50 to £250. Only schools can apply. The grants are for the purchase of gardening equipment.

Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation

The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation supports various projects. Among these are initiatives that improve the lives of children and the disabled.

Charities rather than individuals must apply for Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation grants. The charities can use the grants for garden projects.


Biffaward receives funding from landfill tax credits that Biffa Waste Services donates. The result is a multi-million pound grant scheme. The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts runs the scheme on Biffaward’s behalf.

There are four types of funding. The two that apply to gardens for children are the community main grants and the small grants. The main grants are worth £5,000 to £50,000. They help fund projects that develop or provide community facilities. Community gardens come under this category.

Small grants are for projects that help communities save or improve local amenities such as gardens. Small grants start at £250. The maximum is £5,000.

CSV Action Earth

CSV Action Earth awards grants to community and voluntary groups whose aim is to improve and safeguard local environments such as gardens.

Growing Gardens Grants Scheme

Schools and other educational centres can apply for grants from the Growing Gardens Grants Scheme.

The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens, Save the Children, ContinYou and Blue Peter are the four organisations that run the scheme. The purpose is to:

  • Give disadvantaged children a chance to grow food
  • Improve or create garden areas at schools or other educational sites
  • Present children with the opportunity to learn where food comes from
  • The grants are £250. Successful applicants can use the money to buy gardening tools and develop gardens.

Tree Council

Schools can apply to the Tree Council for grants to plant trees. The maximum amount of a grant is £700. The newly-planted trees can form part of a school gardening project.

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HI I am setting up a gardening club with our primary school, which is an area of socio and economic deprivation. The intention is to grow food to eat so we can help improve life style and diet choices. We would love to extend this to veg boxes for our families. I'd be grateful for any advice on funding. Thanks Mrs T
Mrs T - 17-Jun-24 @ 2:21 PM
Hello I hope that you can help me. I work in a school in Salford Manchester. We are running a gardening club for our young learners. Please tell me how we go about apply for a grant or some help in funding this. It would benefit our children so much. It may even extend to out local community and hug which soon to be open. We are a school of eager learners and the joy of gardens needs to beaccessible to us all. It will teach the children and locals so much about the environment, nature, self surfactants,help with fine motor skills, gross motor skills including a physical activity, team work and hopefully build communities and friendships. Please help!
Nu - 26-May-24 @ 5:15 PM
Hi, I am a member on our PTA Committee and we are trying to get donations of seeds, bulbs, plants and gardening equipment for our new gardening club in Norfolk. Where would be best to start please?
Skeely - 13-Mar-24 @ 9:43 AM
Hiya, we're starting a gardening club at our villiage school. We've got a poly tunnel but need compost, wood chip, seeds. Where's the best place to start. Many thanks
Tasha - 10-Mar-24 @ 5:20 PM
Good evening I am a Community outreach member of our primary school in the Enfield area I would like to set up a gardening project for children in our primary school for children especially for those that do not have access to an out door space to grow plants. We would love to create a wild flower garden to attract insects and a small vegetable patch to see how vegetables grow that we can then eat.
C.O.T - 19-Feb-24 @ 6:56 PM
Hi I’ve just started working as a early years practitioner in a school site nursery, I’m trying include some gardening into the nursery’s curriculum and explore the seasons and sciences behind the plants we see and food we eat however the school is tricky with funding so am hoping to get a little support if available however I’m sure I can make do if others are in a greater need for resources:)
Sophie - 15-Feb-24 @ 12:14 AM
I’ve started a business in gardening and I’d like to apply for a grant for £5000, for tools and gardening resources.
AV - 30-Jan-24 @ 2:02 AM
Hello I am a T.A at a local Primary school andwould love to get our Nursery aged children (EYFS) into planting, growing basic fruit and vegetables,teaching them the differentseasonal crops and how care and prepare their fresh produce and enjoy healthy eating whilst encoraging the birds ,bees and butterflies into our environment .The grant would be used to prepare an area in EYFS setting and buy basic equipment ,seeds,bulbs etc suitable five year olds
Robinhood - 13-Dec-23 @ 8:58 PM
hi iam caretaker at stpatricks school birkby, we have a green frame only, would love some glass/perspexs or evan plastic so we can use greenhouse to grwo seeds in next year, which will brighton up the school and help the kids learning with plants.
dave - 19-Oct-23 @ 4:40 PM
Hi I have just started a gardening club at my school. I need gardening equipment, where is the best place to get a grant for this ? Thanks
SWA - 17-Oct-23 @ 11:27 AM
I need a polytunnel to help enhance the school grounds
Amigo - 13-Sep-23 @ 6:03 PM
I am a caretaker and run a gardening club at holy spirit primary school Netherton and need a polytunnel to grow plants to enhance school grounds and help the children grow vegetables
Amigo - 13-Sep-23 @ 6:01 PM
Hi, I work in an inner city school in Leeds where the majority of the children don’t have a garden. We are looking to create a school garden to create a wellbeing place the children can use to garden, play, explore. I was wondering if there is any funding we could have for developing such an essential space? Thanks for your time.
Beth - 30-Aug-23 @ 7:17 PM
Hi, I work in a primary school in Salford, Greater Manchester. I offer a Gardening Club toKS2 children after school one day a week. We have limited resources and space. The school is of Victorian build and has no green areas only concrete to all four sides of the building. Wehave three raised beds, unfortunately they are in an area that gets little sun. I would appreciate some advise on how it may be possible to apply for funding to help create a greener area around the school and grow some vegetables and plants so the children can learn about growing and how to maintain an garden or green space. Many of the children we educate live in flats or houses with only a back yard. It would be so beneficial to the children and staff to learn and work in a greener environment. Not only for there mental health and well-being.
Jue - 14-Aug-23 @ 4:29 PM
Hi, I have recently taken over as Head of School, In a school which community serves in the top 1% for deprivation nationally across the country. I would like to create a school allotment and community garden. Teaching the children and families how to grow produce, supporting and encouraging all in having a more nutritious diet. Whilst educating from seed to table, as well as providing another food resource to the local food banks which so many of my families access. For this a grant would be greatly appreciated tohelp me resource the project and get started, as present I have nothing, this is starting from scratch. I look forward to hearing from you.
Aimee - 12-Aug-23 @ 8:16 PM
Hi I am a TA at Summerfields Primary Academy, we have a small allotment area and in the new term I’d like to set up an after school gardening club, unfortunately there is no spare cash in our budget and although parents are very helpful there is only so much I can ask of them one of your grants would do so much to buy resources, thank you. I hope to hear from you in the near future Dawn
Dawn - 27-Jul-23 @ 4:03 PM
I am a retired teacher who still does gardening with the Primary school I worked in. We need a Pollytunnel and tool shed.wecare planning to grow flowers to sell next year for funds to keep our garden resources going . This year on sports day we sold our vegatables to parents to raise money for seeds and compost
Sunflower - 23-Jun-23 @ 8:16 AM
I am a year 1 teacher who looking to developing our growing area to teach children to grow their own food and mame healthier food choices. So mant of them have dental hygiene problems and regularly say they dont like vegetables. I am hoping to raise funds to promote and educate them about where food comes from and encourage them to prepare cook and eat!
Jo Mellor - 20-May-23 @ 10:07 AM
Hi, I am a secondary School teacher of a large school in Glasgow withwith over 2000 pupils and staff. I am hoping to apply for funding to help turn our dull grey slabbed courtyard area which is in the centre of the school into a happy and welcoming safe space within our school community. The area needs planters, compost, benches and some beautiful flowers/vegetables to brighten up the space to make it the relaxing area the Pupils deserve. The courtyard sits outside of our learning support base which hosts our young learners with a wide variety of additional support needs and mental health challenges. As our courtyard area develops and blooms we would also like to start up a food growing scheme within our school. Our aim is to support our young people by offering outdoor learning experiences which would help support building a more sustainable environment for our pupils to flourish in and enjoy. Staff will be encouraged to use the space in their downtime to promote wellbeing at work. We hope to hear back from you. Thank you. Mrs Baxter
Miss Baxter - 27-Apr-23 @ 1:54 PM
We are a infant school in Surrey and have been informed that we have a Safeguarding issue as the main school field is adjacent to a footpath and whilst the children are outside they could be spoken to by a passer by. We are looking at planting a hedge along the fence/boundary and would like to establish if a company would like to sponsor us towards the cost of purchasing hedging. We would promote this in our communication with parents and the wider community. Thanking you in advance.
Sue - 17-Apr-23 @ 2:06 PM
Hi I am a Nursery teacher in Wythenshawe.We are doing a gardening club after Easter but we have nothing to plant or start the little ones off with?our demographic is a high deprivation one and many of our families have their challenges.How do we go about applying for a grant please???
Amanda - 31-Mar-23 @ 6:02 PM
I am a teaching assistant at an SEN school and we are trying to build our own horticulture area and garden. we are desperate for support in purchasing equipment and raised beds suitable for wheelchair use.
MARIA WARWICK - 31-Mar-23 @ 10:07 AM
Hi, for my sins I am a scout leader/ quartermaster for a small rural group, we have been running a garden project for the past 13 year, we had to close down during covid as the site was closed by the local council. When we re opens six months ago we had lost both sets of bees, and the flock of chickenshad been relocated to another site, these where our main income for the site, along with a lot of wind damage we are have to re boot, my question is, is there any funding available to help us re build our project, we have the man/person power to do the job, just not the funding, as we did not have any income for fifteen months.
Badger - 22-Mar-23 @ 5:14 PM
Hey I am an LSA at a school in South shileds. I am currently trying to set up eco schools as gardening the main aim. The garden we are setting up is a memorial garden for past staff and students who have passed away as well as a wellbeing garden for those working in it. Unfortunately the area we have has mares tail (think that's what it's called) basically a massive weed which has taken over the majority of the garden. We are trying to get pallets to build raised beds. As I am very new to this I was wondering is there any grants or funding I can apply for because at the moment I have some seeds I found in my home shed and some pepper plants I grew from the seeds of my food at home
Debs - 17-Oct-22 @ 9:59 PM
Just wondering how to apply for a garden makeover,I have an 8 year old who has been diagnosed with Tourette’s behaviour challenges has anxiety,has sensory problems,if my garden was made child friendly with equipment,I think she might just start to enjoy life instead of fretting constantly
Angie - 8-Oct-22 @ 11:36 AM
We are a secondary school UTC based in Cumbria and looking to create a garden allotment for our SEND learners.. The planning is in its infancy and we would welcome details of any funding available to help create this. Thanks in advance
Lou - 1-Oct-22 @ 3:49 PM
Hi, Am currently running a gardening club at a primary school. The children love the club but unfortunately there is no budget to get resources or tool, we use what's donated but every week is a struggle to get things for the children. How do we go about applying for on of these grants?. Thank you
Sam - 15-Sep-22 @ 8:18 PM
Hi I'm. Just wondering how I go about getting help with paving/cementing our garden please?? My daughter is in a wheelchair ( can't walk or weight bare) and the bungalow the council has given us she can't access most of it as the paving area is small and no room for sensory equipment for her, , the area in which we liv is all hills and steps I just want a nice outdoor area for her but the council will not help!? I would be so grateful for any help or advice please
Tc - 9-Aug-22 @ 6:11 PM
I am taking over a Garden Club in a Primary school and am wondering how I would go about applying for a grant to enable me to continue the Club. Many of our children live in flats or terraced houses with small back yards and limited green spaces. We have very enthusiastic children eager to learn all about growing food and learning about where our food comes from.Any advice would be well appreciated.
Mrs Harris - 23-Jul-22 @ 8:07 AM
Hi, I'm a HT at a high school in Moore House Academy in Bathgate for looked after and cared for vulnerable children and young people . We have a large garden andhave successfully grown different vegetables which we have donated to local food banks and used for cookery lessons. The garden was extremely over grown, although even with the help of the students we still haven't been able to put the garden to it full , there is still a lot of work required. We were awarded first place in the" Keep Scotland Beautiful"Pocket garden competition which was amazing and has given the children a great sense of achievement. The children now want to get fully involved in all things out doors and share the benefits from growing food we can donate to the local community and develop an enterprise project so we are able to reinvest in our garden. The children gain so much from being outdoors especially after the pandemic and those who do not have a garden at home. Can you advise me if there areany grants available for us to help with our project or anywhere that would donate materials. Kind regards Alison Williams
Ali - 4-Jul-22 @ 1:39 PM
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