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Family Action Grants to Help Those in Need

By: Kevin Watson MSc - Updated: 1 Apr 2024 | comments*Discuss
Family Action Mental Illness Domestic

25% of all people suffer mental illness at some stage in their lives. Such illness can lead to all manner of problems. Half of all adults who have debts, for example, are suffering financial hardship because of depression or some other type of mental trauma.

There are other facts about mental health that make sobering reading. Around 75% of people with depression never receive help or treatment; half of those with mental health problems have children that depend on them; and 65% of children with parents that have mental health problems will themselves experience mental illness.

This means that there are significant numbers of adults and children who are at risk because of mental health issues. Family Action is a charity that provides help to these vulnerable people.


Family Action dates back to 1869. Over a period of almost 150 years since then, it has developed a network of 100 services.

These services give welfare help to more than 45,000 families and children each year. This assistance is in the form of emotional support, practical measures and grants. Family Action also has an education-based information and grants scheme. This assists a further 150,000 people.

The charity’s emotional support and practical measures help resolve the many problems that arise from mental illness such as domestic abuse. An equally important aspect of Family Action’s work, however, is its grants programme. The charity has provided grants since it first began. It now administers educational and welfare grants throughout the UK. Both schemes have a range of priorities. The educational grants also have offshoots such as the Horizons Education Fund and the Mid-Yorkshire Social Work Fund.

Education Grants

Applicants for Family Action education grants must be students at an EGAS-affiliated university or college. EGAS is the Educational Grants Advisory Service. It helps students find grants from charitable trusts.

To be eligible for a Family Action grant, students must usually be receiving welfare benefits or on low incomes. They may also have families.

Family Action gives priority to students studying certain subjects. These tend to be practical rather than academic. They are the type of subjects that increase a student’s chances of gaining work.

Students don’t need to be British citizens to apply for grants. Refugees, people with leave to remain, and asylum seekers are eligible and may be studying International English Language Testing System (ILETS) courses or English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) courses.

Family Action doesn’t set limits to its education grants. The usual amount of each award, however, is £200 - £300. Students generally apply for such grants to help with education costs such as necessary equipment, travel and books.

Although there is no restriction to the amount of a grant, Family Action gives just one grant per applicant for each academic year.

Welfare Grants

The aim of Family Action’s welfare grants programme is to provide financial help to individuals and families who are on low incomes or who receive welfare benefits.

Grants normally work out at £100 - £300. They cover items such as clothing, cookers, washing machines, beds, medical adaptations and aids to communication.

There is a limit on overall funds for the grants. To control this limit, Family Action accepts applications only at specific times of the year. These are the months of March, June, September and December. The charity doesn’t process welfare grant applications outside these four months.

Family Action targets its welfare grants at priority areas. The first of these is mental health. Applicants, for example, must be aged over 18 and have a clearly diagnosed mental health problem.

The other priority areas are domestic abuse; sickness; disability; young people aged 19 – 25; and older people aged 60 or over. Family Action also offers grants to women living in Greater London who need a holiday to help them recover from illness or exertion.

In every instance, grant applicants should not apply directly to Family Action. They must seek the backing of someone who has worked with them such as a health worker or social worker. These representatives must complete and submit grant forms on behalf of the applicants.

If a grant request is successful, Family Action sends a cheque to the applicant’s representative. Applicants cannot receive direct payment.

Family Action restricts each successful applicant to one grant per year.

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I am suffering with mental health issues and on going back problems can I get money
Joe - 1-Apr-24 @ 8:35 AM
Hi My name is Night I suffer from EUPD Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder since the onset in my twentys. I am on a cocktail of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotics aswell as sever painkillers from early onset Osteoarthritis. I dont have social workers or anything like that as I have server issue with dealing with people I dont know. I have tried the social worker and therapy route however it causes more issue than it helps I have 2 careres that I trust these are friends I have has since I was young but I hate having to ask them for help since they have lifes and kids and jobs ect My meds keep me stable My father comes to stay with me when I am at my worst my main therapy is playing games on my computer and my pets they are the only things which tbh keep me going. I dont drive due to my condition and I live in a ground floor flat with a garden over the years the garden have become a dumping ground as the council wont pickup large items anymore And I cant drive so its a mess. Everytime I look for help It always says I have to have a official apply for me ect but I dont have those and yes I know its by choice I need help clearing my garden and a new bathroom due my health conditions I only have a bath and its becoming difficult to use due to my arthritis. I also need a new bed I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor at the moment as my bed broke. I use my money I get on the only things which keep me going my computer and my pets. If anyone can give me advise how I get a little financial help with my garden bathroom and household stuff without a socail worker one of my careres is a Police Officer but im not sure that counts. I get great therapy online and all my social interactions are through gaming and chatting online where I am confortable speaking to people. My pets keep me going and I live for them I have a few snakes and I know most people would not be fans I have raised all my snakes from babys and if you have ever felt a python wrapped round you and giving a little squeeze is amazing apparantly the hug releases oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, all chemicals that help to lower anxiety, stress and blood pressure so they are amazing companions for me and my condition. If you are interested in the medications I am on I freely dont mind listing them it took a long time to find the right medications and doses that work I am on Duloxetine, Quetiapine, Pregablin, Nitrazapam for my EUPD and Morphine Sulfate MST for my Arthritis all of the medications work to keep my stable and pain free but also somewhat vegitated alot of the time but its better than the alternative. So if anyone can advise me if I can get help for the mentioned things and how to do it I would be very grateful.
Night - 19-Mar-24 @ 12:37 AM
All MH assessments by PiP ESSA dr etc can be provided to
Mia - 13-Mar-24 @ 4:24 PM
I have severe anorexia and have for twenty years I’ve now moved into my own home for the first time in my life I’m 40. I have nothing really in house so warm clothes, bills, white goods kitchen essentials Is not something I can afford. I suffer from severe depression, ptsd, trauma, crippling anxiety so severe I can’t leave my house. I do get high rate pip which illustrates a lot as I’m sure you know how hard that is to get. I’m struggling to make a life out of so much time in hospital and having incurable illness. I’m housebound and don’t know how to reach out for help. I find the phone hard at least you let me know and call at specific time which may be difficult. It took a lot for me to do this and I feel ashamed but I hope you are able to help as £300 would go a long way to letting me set up a home rather then sitting on plastic chairs with practically nothing else. I understand it won’t cover everything but any help would be heartfelt appreciated
Mia - 13-Mar-24 @ 4:21 PM
I have suffered sex abuse, domestic violence, cancer, miscarriage, psychotic episodes, and acute bipolar. I am struggling to pay my bills just wondering if there is any help out there please.
Julie - 12-Mar-24 @ 9:20 AM
Hello, I’m not sure if you can help me but I am 21 and I am currently unable to work, I’ve suffered childhood abuse and trauma, domestic abuse from a partner and severe mental health and physical issues. I am on universal credit and PIP. Please help Thank you for reading
Slgm - 10-Mar-24 @ 4:54 PM
I’m Amer I have been struggling with overthinking depression and my mum doesn’t work she’s on low income from universal credit we r struggling to buy food clothes and needs essesntial I don’t have anyone to support me but her and I don’t have a job and I can’t work with my mental illnesses I have a phyciatrist and I am gonna start therapy sessions soon after my appointment with the ohyciatrist in camhs I have autism depression trauma it’s so painful and tics sever anger management iss he s I lose control and self harm I harm myself everydayI can’t do anything and I don’t go out I haven’t gone out and had fun and enjoyed in a very long time cuze of financial crisis and I have no friends so am just sitting suffering with my mental health hoping to get some help to buy the things that I need and to go out and have fun Anything relay would help and I would be very thankful
Bbbb - 4-Mar-24 @ 1:37 AM
I've been struggling with bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression plus a spinal disability for many years, but I now have a broken oven and washing machine. I really struggle to pay my rent, bills and buy food since the price of everything has gone up so so much. Please help me, anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much x
Nad - 2-Mar-24 @ 4:15 PM
I've been struggling with bipolar disorder anxiety and depression plus a spinal disability for years, my oven no longer works and my washing machine broke a couple of month ago. I am also struggling to pay my rent bills and buy food since the price of everything went through the roof. Please help me, anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Nad - 2-Mar-24 @ 4:12 PM
I suffer from bipolar disorder due to trauma. I have not been anywhere for at least 20 years. I don't have a washing machine either. I am really struggling with the cost of living and suppliers chasing me for an old debt. Please help. Lisa Johnson 57 beech Street Bootle 20.
Lee lee - 29-Jan-24 @ 3:52 AM
Hi been suffering with my anxiety and depression for over 3 years got attacked with baseball bat from behind it was a mugging got cracked skull bleed on brain and lost slight hearing in left ear I haven't been the same since can't go anywhere anxiety goes through the roof
Rob - 27-Jan-24 @ 8:10 AM
I suffer from mental health problems for 25 years and was broken into and everything stole from my home I live in northern Ireland van I get help from someone
Maxy - 2-Dec-23 @ 10:06 AM
I have suffered mental health problems all of my life,at the moment I'm on UC and can't even afford to heat my home I have a old back boiler so it's food or heat what help can I get
Track - 29-Nov-23 @ 6:42 PM
HiI lost my husband recently and I am suffering with depression I am in universal credit struggling with financial problems I hope they could help
Sara - 6-Nov-23 @ 10:47 AM
Looking for grants to help with money for some clothing please. Suffer from bipolar due to strong medication i take which has had a very emotional impact on myself from gaining a lot of weight due to meds. Feel I am living in the same two outfits due to not being able to fit in my clothes or afford any more with all the bills I pay. Can anyone help please
Dojo - 23-Sep-23 @ 7:17 PM
My name is bhavna chauhan and I live at 26 woodgate leicester Le3 5ge I suffer with anxiety depression and personality disorder I also look after 5 dependants from age of 19 to 26 with autism epilepsy mental health issues within family I need financial assistance towards fridge freezer and flooring as my home is in bad condition and I cannot financially afford to buy these items as I'm in mess with my bills and rent arrears please help us
Bav - 20-Sep-23 @ 12:04 PM
HelloI need help to buy my children bedroom and clothing and cook please
Lilly - 13-Jun-23 @ 12:28 AM
Hi I’m wondering if I can get a grant as I’m struggling financially I suffer with bad mental health and I also have learning difficulties I’m not doing great and I feel so low as money is a struggle I always go without an it’s making my mental health worse many thanks
Shae - 12-May-23 @ 10:01 AM
I suffer from CPTSD - In need of a clothing grant. I am tall for a women (5ft 11) and struggle to find affordable clothes for my height. Thanks.
CPTSD - 3-Mar-23 @ 8:14 PM
Hi, I’d be very grateful if you could send me a application form for a grant please as I suffer with many mental health problems and I’m not coping at all at the moment and the money is a huge contributory factor to this. Many thanks Lucy
Scoobylou123 - 25-Feb-23 @ 3:34 PM
I have been having financial problems and was affecting my metal health and which made me loose my focus and i was desperate in verge of losing everything and i came across Agent Glenn Dos Baker a financial advisor and introduced me to Dosloan Finance and fill out application on the secure site and got my funds approved. Visit dosloan. org
Siv - 28-Dec-22 @ 11:16 AM
Hi I was hoping to apply for a grant for my mum who is very old lady and is suffers from Parkinson’s disease and bi polar arthritis thyroid osteoporosis she is chronically ill and I would really appreciate your help please
Ruby - 13-Oct-22 @ 4:35 PM
Hello I am recently come out of hospital to remove 2 small organs from my pelvis area that caused problems ( perhaps they took 4 dangerous things out of my body , 2 x2 organs and 2 dangerous cysts sent for histology 12cm grapefruit size and a5.5cm size potato out) I am also been diagnosed Schizoaffective in2021, I have a lot of bad days due to my conditions. I am in need of some financial help , I have spent more than usual as now I am housebound I rely on getir and gorillas for my groceries as I can only move with my zimmer around my flat. I need help because of the extra expenses since I came out of hospital on the 06/09/22 I have now returned direct debits.Thanks
Sunshine - 25-Sep-22 @ 8:59 AM
This sounds awesome but would they be able to support me I have mental health issues but also physical problems. I have a garden that I cannot got on top of or change to make things easier I have some bits ready to use but that’s about itmany thanks Julie
Julie - 1-Aug-22 @ 8:59 PM
Hi my name is Kelly I have 2 children . I am a single parent due to the children's father leaving us and moving back to his own country he does not help what's so ever . I am on benefits due to depression, anxiety and ulcerative Colitis. Money is very tight at the minute with cost of living all my money goes on gas and electric and food there is nothing else left for clothes house repairs or anything else that could make our lives more bearable we live day to day my son has holes in his shoes . I feel like I have failed as a parent my children have to always go without essentials they have food but I would really appreciate a grant to get them new shoes and clothes and also we have no carpets upstairs .This really does make my mental health worse to the point I wish I wasn't here but that's not a option as I could never leave my children they would have no one I am all they have . Thankyou for reading x
Kel - 23-Jul-22 @ 4:33 PM
Hi need help to buy clothing, I suffer with complex PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar and psychosis and cannot work. I have no money to afford clothes and am struggling due to having my son taken away from me
kat - 15-Jul-22 @ 11:16 AM
I am struggling mentally, I need help to pay for my courses that help to keep me engaged and to get some academic materials.
WINTAYS - 1-Jul-22 @ 12:54 AM
Hi my name is John I have a diagnosed mental health condition need help to buy new washing machine as our old one packed in
Big john - 27-Apr-22 @ 6:26 AM
Hi I need a grant to purchase essential items such as clothes, food, furniture & kitchen appliances.
Severely ill young a - 17-Aug-21 @ 8:11 AM
I am suffering from diagnosed mental health disorders and need help with college expenses
Remuires - 15-Aug-21 @ 1:37 AM
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