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Construction Industry Grants

By: Kevin Watson MSc - Updated: 18 May 2024 | comments*Discuss
Construction Industry Training

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is the organisation that coordinates training in the UK for construction industry workers.

As part of this training, CITB runs a grants scheme. This scheme has grown from discussions within the construction industry on promoting and supporting training and qualifications.

Meeting Needs

CITB has designed the grants scheme to meet certain requirements. The first is to boost the productivity and performance of employers. The second is to reinforce the concept of life-long learning. The final requirement is to encourage and underpin construction industry careers.


The grants scheme has the support of 14 construction industry federations. Among these are the UK Contractors’ Group, the Scottish Building Federation, the National Association of Shopfitters, the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, and the British Woodworking Federation.

Money for the grants comes from a yearly levy. The CITB gathers this from employers involved with the construction industry.

Who Can Claim

All employers registered with CITB can request a grant towards the costs of training and development. Employers do not need to pay the levy before they make a claim.

Broadly speaking, it’s the smaller firms in the construction industry that apply for grants. In the absence of such grants, many companies would not have trained employees.

Firms can put in a request for a grant that covers the training of all employees. These include sub-contracting labourers.

Claim Forms

CITB provides a number of documents that clarify the claims process. But essentially there are three claim forms.

The first of these is for claiming a number of different grants. These are: professional and technical achievement and attendance grants, Site Safety Plus grants, CPCS Technical Test grants, Vocational Qualification grants and apprenticeship framework achievement grants.

The second claim form relates to work experience in the construction industry. It applies to students and graduates.

The final form is for training that’s away from the job. Such training should be for a short period.

Sound Training

Before making a claim for a grant with CITB, employers should bear in mind the sound training principles. CITB suggests that firms apply the principles according to the size and nature of their work.

One of the main principles states that career development and training of employees is the responsibility of senior managers. Furthermore, managers should promote such development and training as a matter of course.

Another central principle is that managers should assess the needs of a job and match these to individual workers. Managers can then identify any training that workers need.

Other Principles

Other principles concern the acquisition, monitoring and evaluation of workers’ skills.

A firm should have a development and training scheme, for instance, which allows workers to obtain appropriate knowledge and skills. A firm should review training and development regularly, make a record of it, and take any remedial action. And a firm should have up to date development and training policies.

Finally, all construction industry development and training should ideally end with a National Vocational Qualification, a Scottish Vocational Qualification or a suitable credit.

If employers abide by these principles, CITB can ensure that its grant scheme leads to practical and positive results.

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Hi my name is sayid I'm looking for funding for bricklaying, carpentry, groundworks and plastering course please. Call me on 07383558524 thanks.
Razik - 18-May-24 @ 10:29 PM
Hello to you and good day. So my 360 excavator licence has ran out last year in march.l had to give my job up to move to London from Bournemouth to help with my three children and ex partner as their mum was going through a mental breakdown and they were nearly taken into care so I came to London to get everyone back on track and safe. I have finally managed to get them comfortable and safe but in the meantime y could not keep up with my affairs and lost my flat and 360 CPCS ticket and I am trying to find out if there are any grants or loans available to me to get my ticket back. Please can you tell me about any information that could help me please. Thank you Darren Hughes
Darren - 17-Apr-24 @ 12:22 AM
I’m looking for funding to train operate at 360 excavator. Would this be something you could help me with please.
Andy - 9-Feb-24 @ 6:53 PM
I am looking to pursue a career in groundwork’s. Holding a 360 excavator license and a dumper license would be ideal for me to progress into a reputable company. Any help in funding these courses would be great.
Ethan - 10-Jun-23 @ 9:44 AM
Hi i have recently went self employed landscaping. I require a 360 excavator below ten tonne licence cheapest training i can find is £5000. Is there any grants, funding or loans available to allow me to be able to proceed with this?
Kev - 24-May-23 @ 12:03 PM
Hi my 360 licence ran.out this year can't afford to pay for it again but is there a way I can get a grant as just starting my own business and I have not got the financial means to pay forr a renewed or at the business where I passed any information would be brilliant i I am 21
Chris - 19-Dec-22 @ 4:00 PM
Just wondering if there is any help/ grants that would help me get a best in person ticket or equivalent. Been told i can have a Start as soon as I get one. But haven't got the money to afford it, with the travel as well. Any help would be great.
Ned - 10-Dec-22 @ 7:10 AM
Looking to see if I would be able to apply for a grant to complete an accredited course as a telehander or excavator machinery.I have recently completed an SQA as an IT Project Manager but my company are refusing to increase my salary above minimum wage due to covid.
Lewy - 4-Dec-22 @ 1:09 PM
Hi i am just about to take my 360 training it is booked and having to pay witha credit card like most people i have had a really hard year this year with having to stay home and school my son so not able to go out to work as a self employed handy man i was just wondering if i could get a grant or any help paying for it ? thanks Michael
Mike - 12-May-22 @ 2:57 PM
Is there any help financially towards obtaining dumper ticket whilst being unemployed
Rob - 18-Mar-22 @ 8:28 AM
0737611577 could anyone help me out I want to get my adt ticket is there any help I could get as I am on benefits I have cscs card traffic marshall banksmanand cat gen but have Jon offer if get my adt ticket need some help our grant our loan scheme??? Please call me if can help
c - 9-Sep-21 @ 8:24 PM
I am looking for any help to gain my adt dump ticket I have my cscs cardand I am unemployed on bennerfits and just want to know if I can get any help in getting this ticket ??
c - 9-Sep-21 @ 8:18 PM
Hi there been working on building sites for years now am doing untilty work for city fibre self employed aye looking to try get a grant so can do my mini digger course wondering anyway use could help me thanks Jamie
Forry - 25-May-21 @ 6:39 PM
Hi I've worked with the building industry all my life and now I'm on universal Credit so was hope to see if I could get a Grant to help me with the cost of putting in to passEducator Dumper Test so I can get my Tickets to use on Sites or for other Building Machines Vehicle Test . As I said I can drive these but was self tought with working on Sites.any information would be most helpful. Thanks Paul.
PaulC - 19-May-21 @ 11:04 PM
Hi I've worked with the building industry all my life and now I'm on universal Credit so was hope to see if I could get a Grant to help me with the cost of putting in to pass my JCB or other Building Machines Vehicle Test any information would be most helpful. Thanks Paul.
PaulC - 19-May-21 @ 6:13 PM
Hey everyone. I found myself in a tricky position due to covid 19 and my private business too so i'm now doing a painting occupations NVQ and getting a cscs card so i can go on site.I went to Kortas Training (google them) where you can pay in installments.Very professional and helpful Id highly recommend it, thanks to them I will have more work opportunities once i've completed the course (which you can do at your own pace). Good luck !
Sel - 9-Apr-21 @ 6:01 PM
Hi i am just about to take my 360 training it is booked and having to pay witha credit card like most people i have had a really hard year this year with having to stay home and school my son so not able to go out to work as a self employed handy man i was just wondering if i could get a grant or any help paying for it ? thanks Andy c
andyc - 24-Mar-21 @ 12:19 PM
Hi I am currently looking to obtain my 360 10T And above digger tickets, is there any help in funding this. Looking to move to the HS2 project
Chunky - 12-Mar-21 @ 2:02 AM
Hi I am360 digger ticket.But I lost job andmy bulding work
Goldy - 25-Feb-21 @ 5:07 PM
Is there a grants for people on universal credit to obtain digger and dumper tickets
Gg - 5-Feb-21 @ 5:16 PM
am currently unemployed,is there any chance grant to help pay for cpcs telescopic handler certificate I’m in universal credit at moment and is there any courses nr me ir close to north London ThanksAndy
Dino - 19-Dec-20 @ 10:38 AM
Hi I have recently lost my business due to Covid-19 and now want to get my 360 ticket is there any chance of some funding that I can apply for. Thank-you!!
tarponx1 - 30-Nov-20 @ 10:43 AM
Hi wondered if I can get any help towards my telehandlers license I have been in construction for 7 years now and am currently on a job where iam labouring threw an agency but they need a telehandler as well I want mine but can’t get the funds so I have a job there waiting for me but obviously need this ticket many thanks terry
Terry - 2-Nov-20 @ 1:01 PM
Looking for help with my excavator ticket
Mike - 13-Oct-20 @ 5:21 PM
Looking for help to get my CPCS 360 excavator ticket
Mikez - 13-Oct-20 @ 5:20 PM
I've been in construction since I have been 15 I'm now 28 and only hold a labour's card I've done most things in construction steel fixing scaffolding flat roofing ganger for laboures the list gos on but I can't seem to find anyone to help me achieve more I'm not fused what I do but having two kids and bills I can't seem to find the money to better my self is their any form of help
Sindle - 27-Sep-20 @ 8:09 PM
Hi I would like to know is there any funding available for me to do my machine ticket I currently working in the construction industry for an agency and I would like to guain more skills
Smallie - 23-Sep-20 @ 11:17 AM
Hi my red cpcs card has ran out off date is there anyway I can get help to obtain my blue card?
Az - 22-Sep-20 @ 11:09 AM
Hi , I am currently unemployed,is there a grant to help pay for retraining,On a above 10 ton 360 certificate and is there any courses nr me or one you can pay with monthly instalments. Thanks Andy
Andykj - 15-Sep-20 @ 6:42 PM
Hi I have an Intermediate Construction award and is no longer recognised so I wandered if there was a grant to help me get my NVQ L3 For my cscs card so I can go back on site. Kind regards
Del Boy - 3-Sep-20 @ 8:12 PM
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