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Grants for Property Repairs and Maintenance

By: Abigail Taylor - Updated: 14 Jan 2020 | comments*Discuss

From time to time, all properties need repairs or maintenance carrying out. This may be for safety reasons, aesthetic reasons, or to increase efficiency and so reduce costs. Unfortunately property repairs and maintenance are often costly. There are however various monetary schemes and grants available to assist.

Home Improvement Agencies Scheme

This is a Local Authority scheme that provides assistance for energy efficiency measures and immediate essential repairs. These could be any repairs from a need for loft insulation to a need to repair holes in floor boards.

To qualify for this scheme, the applicant must be a homeowner (which may include private landlords). Tenants may also be eligible if they are renting privately and have maintenance obligations under their tenancy agreement.

The scheme is not means tested. However Local Councils have a limited budget and so those with low incomes who are unable to repair an unsafe property are likely to be prioritised on a greatest need basis. Speak to your Local Council about whether they run this scheme in your area and your likelihood of acceptance. You can also find out from this list on the Housing Care.org website

Equity Release Scheme

This is another Local Authority scheme. However you must be aged 65 and over to qualify and the scheme will only consider applications in respect of essential repairs.

This scheme essentially works as an interest free loan, allowing you to borrow a small amount of money against your home. It allows you to essentially obtain a second mortgage, but not have to repay any money until your property is sold (which could be after your death).

This option does however come with a warning: if you still have a mortgage on your property, it is advisable to discuss the current equity in your home with a lawyer or your local Citizens Advice Bureau before pursuing applying for the scheme. This is because you will have to pay any shortfall to lenders if your property does not have enough equity upon sale.

Disabled Facilities Grant

If you are registered disabled, you can apply for a disabled facilities grant. This is a grant for facilities necessary to assist someone with a particular disability. It has previously been used to pay for items such as handrails, stair lifts and electric beds.

If you are disabled, speak to your Local Council about applying for this grant. Whilst it isn't directly designed for general property maintenance, the money could be used to assist a disabled person to make their property safe. For example if you have limited mobility and your wooden staircase is rotting and unsafe, the grant could be used to install a new staircase with safety rails which is necessary to keep you mobile. This is therefore an indirect way for a section of society to pay for the cost of urgently needed property repairs.

House Proud Scheme

This scheme gives out low cost loans to homeowners and tenants over the age of 55. The money borrowed is to be used specifically for property maintenance and renovation. As well as urgent repairs needed for safety reasons, this maintenance could also include energy efficiency measures such as installing loft and cavity wall insulation and double glazed windows.

This is a loan and so the scheme will have to consider credit ratings to establish the risk involved in lending. However for those with a low income about to enter retirement, this is a much better option than taking out a bank loan to pay for property repairs, as the interest rates are considerably lower than the national lenders average.

Energy Efficiency Grants

For property repairs such as replacing old windows with new double glazing, there are a number of other energy efficiency grants available privately through large energy companies.

Following the government's Green Deal programme, large energy companies were obliged to offer grants and incentives to assist people to install energy saving measures. This can be as small as a water company providing free water saving devices such as tap inserts to reduce the flow of water by up to 70%. However some companies also offer incentives such as a fixed lower rate for those installing energy saving measures, so that the cost is recovered over a period of time in savings on your bills. Whilst this is not a direct way of getting assistance with property maintenance, it can help those struggling to pay the cost of repairs by lowering other monthly outgoings. There is information about to how to talk to a green deal assessor on the government's website.

There are a number of monetary assistance programmes and grants available through your local government and private schemes to assist homeowners and private tenants with the cost of property maintenance and repairs. Local Government Schemes often only run for a short period of time. However new schemes are regularly introduced so it is important to speak to your Local Council if you require assistance. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau may also be able to provide you with advice about options available to you and to fill in any applications.

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Could I get a grant for Damp course please my house is so damp
Trace - 14-Jan-20 @ 1:11 PM
Hi, My ex-husband, has dementia and is living with my daughter who is 17, the roof of the house is in need of repair as is some of the wall in my daughters bedroom where the roof has been leaking into her room and then through into the living room.It is starting to affecttheir health.My ex cannot sleep in his bedroom as the water that came in has caused the plaster to come off and also some of plasterboard to come down.Is there any grants that I can apply for on their behalf. It is starting to affect both of their mental health.Thank you
TopCatt - 9-Jan-20 @ 9:37 PM
I have just purchased a bungalow and discovered dry rot on floor boards, am I eligible for any financialhelp
Sharon - 22-Nov-19 @ 9:15 PM
I am deseble 63 years and my husband deseble as wellhad wash room done down stairs and room25 years a go and it needs doing but we live on benefits haven't got any other income or savingcan I get any help of grant
Hasi - 19-Nov-19 @ 1:30 PM
I am 63 years of age and deseblemy husband 71 With health problem and we had deseble people shower done long a go needs doing again but as we don't have ant income and saving Want to know is there any grant available to do importantof my house please as I can't go up stairs hope I get help thanks
Hasi - 19-Nov-19 @ 1:22 PM
I am a widower and I need your help to complete my house project which is under construction.
Enslie - 10-Nov-19 @ 1:10 AM
Hello Sir/Madamç, I have a residential housing project which is under construction but has not completed yet because the funds I loaned from a commercial bank was not sufficient. Can your organization be of some assistance to me and my children? Kind regards,
Enslie - 10-Nov-19 @ 12:54 AM
i am a seventy- one year old who along with my wife managed to buy an older type house with the proceeds from the sale of my late mothers home in 2016. we could afford nothing better than this one needinga lot of updating and renewals.I had spent the previous 25 years paying my mothers mortgage so she could remain in her house until she died. When she died there was a debt on the house, so to pay this off i had to sell her house and with the proceeds bought the older house as stated. On october 22- 2018. the neighbour after a long running domestic dispute with his wife, exploded gas cylinders in an attempt to kill himself and wife. He failed in this, but caused severe damage to their house and a lot of damage to ours. my wife, son and i were extremely lucky not to have been killed or seriously injured.we were made homeless after this and spent the ensuing 5 weeks in a grotty hotel. Eventually, we found a rented flat and are needing to pay high rent and all the expense of buying new equipment, deposits: etc: Our home was not insured adequately at the time because of its unfinished condition, although it would have been by christmas 2018.The neighbours wife had insurance on their house but that company refuse us any compensation on the grounds that she was not responsible for the explosion.We have tried many avenues of help, but to no avail.Charged well over 2 thousand pounds by a solicitor (not an expert) and got nowhere. Local council do not do any type of renovation or repair grants anymore.Estimated costs of our repairs would be around 30 thousand pounds. The male neighbour got only 5 and a half years imprisonment for causing many hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage and nearly killing 5 people.... what a mad world. Any useful comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
bill - 9-Nov-19 @ 10:48 AM
Hi, I'm a home owner and work part time, am I legible for a grant to urgently repair my leaking roof please? Thank you
Urgently Hoping - 6-Nov-19 @ 2:42 PM
We have a leaky roof and have been getting work done gradually on it. However, more issues are arising some of which is a problem with next doors abutment but also due to wear and tear. Can we get a grant for it’s repair we know that it will be quite expensive?
LeanneG - 6-Nov-19 @ 9:28 AM
I'm need free grant door and woode send me free money 5000 poundplease
abdul - 5-Nov-19 @ 10:29 AM
Hi I’m looking for advice how I can get help for my elderly mother. Her house is freezing and she is reluctant to put the heating on due to cost. Her windows are ancient and don’t close properly which is the main problem why the house is so hard to heat. Any advice would be much appreciated
Bettyboop - 3-Nov-19 @ 2:46 PM
I am a home owner and work part time. Am I legible for a grant to repair my bathroom or get a new one. Thank you
Lucy - 2-Nov-19 @ 12:39 AM
I bought an old council house directly from the local council about 15 years ago to allow my parents to live rent free in their old-age, now I've been informed the house is full of rising damp due to previous protectors failing. Is there any grants or assistance available for this issue? North Ireland based as know if might affect rights/grants
Phil89 - 23-Sep-19 @ 11:18 AM
How do I apply for a grant, I have no hot water or heating
Kirky - 19-Sep-19 @ 11:41 AM
Hi I'm 57 and unemployed due to illness(stroke, copd and ptsd) I'm only just managing to pay my mortgage with the money I have coming in and I have a roof that is leaking in several places a chunk of the ceiling in my bathroom has fallen down due to this. Is there any grant I can claim for the roof to be repaired
Mikerr - 24-Aug-19 @ 11:50 AM
Need to replace my damp proof course. Are there any grants available to help with the cost. Pensioner homeowner.
Help - 23-Aug-19 @ 2:45 PM
Hi just asking if I can some help my next door they have got wet rot wood rot and dry rot and known it’s started to come in my house so I went and told them and all they say well we had it for a long so I ask them for there insurance and they said no we will call them but I known they won’t so I got to repair all what they done so all I want to know is there any help out there please help I am a disability parsons
Shaky509 - 29-Jul-19 @ 7:19 PM
I am looking to renovate 3flats that's been occupied by tenants over the years the property has deteriorated as not much maintenance has been done and I have just bought this property from a landlord and I have kept the tenants as they have been living there for few years now, they are all on benefits and I want to make it a better place for them to live so can you please help me and let me know what grant I can get to get this property upto a standard.
Cletus - 26-Jul-19 @ 4:22 PM
My house is 3 bedrooms we want to do an extension and make a driveway however we don’t know what we have to do to get one I would like to ask for a grant but I don’t know how to apply for it I was told that it will cost about 15000-20,000.
F - 6-Jul-19 @ 3:16 PM
How do I apply for a property grant thank you
Tilly - 24-Jun-19 @ 11:17 AM
Good afternoon My grandparents who are 69 and 70 have been Informed their sewage system (silo) is in incorrect regulations. They need to pay for a new system estimated £2,100 which they don't have the funds for. Is there any schemes available for them to receive a grant? Thankyou for your time
Jonathon M - 31-May-19 @ 4:48 PM
I am 62 I bought a house a year ago , had a surveyor go over the house he gave a good report , my roof has since started to leak not in one space but a few , I thought it was the storms we have had ,l got a surveyor from my insurance they would not pay for the roof said it was not storm damage said the roof was perished nails tiles all perished I live on my own can I get a government grant to help me I have a low income.
Evo - 29-Apr-19 @ 9:28 AM
Hi I have a conservatory roof that’s started leaking I’m in social housing but the housing have said it’s my responsibility due to previous tenants putting the building up and I had signed to take it on. I am unable to work due to health with arthritis and skin problems and have 2 young children 3 and 9 is there any help I can turn too?
Sar1992 - 8-Apr-19 @ 12:51 PM
I am a single woman aged 62, I have retired but not yet eligible for my state pension so am surviving on tiny pensions that total £306:23 and rental from a property totalling £465:28 (which is the tenants housing benefit)and £30 a month which the tenants do not always pay.This totals £771:51 which I am sure you will appreciate is only just enough for me to cover my living costs .I therefore have no savings or spare cash to effect repairs on my property. I live a long distance from the house and have been relying on the tenants to inform me of any problems with the property(which they have failed to do, and so small problems have now become major problems )the bath surround has come away from the wall resulting in water causing the kitchen ceiling tofall apart and damp down the wall which has now resulted in the plaster coming away from the wall between the kitchen and lounge and the door falling off its hinges. they have also allowed the overflow from the toilet to drip down the outside wall so this has also caused plaster to fall off the wall in the kitchen. I have been into the property this week(to arrange fitting of a new tap in the kitchen) and am appalled at the state of it. they have been in for just over 5 years and have not taken care of the basics (like washing the net curtains or the main curtains , they have clearly been smoking in the property) I replaced the fridge freezer but again they have failed to tell me that it failed (while under guarantee ) the oven has rusted( how I fail to understand )Part of me would like to evict them and sell the property, but I do not have the funds to do so, and as they support each other with ongoing mental health problems (hence they are unemployed) I am reluctant to evict as they would undoubtedly be separated and this would not help any of them. How do I show compassion and support when they treat my property and me like this? What Help can I get ??I don't want to be landlord of a slum, I have a conscience and don't want them living in these conditions but can't rectify it on my own. HELP!!!
panicking - 23-Feb-19 @ 8:31 AM
I am 69 disabled at high rate Bournemou council agree to Renault my home so I moved out government changed after agreement so it never happenedI am no being harried and threats of fines and penalty they say there are no grants anyore i have very few basic facility's a shed windows no proper heating and in poor health sqaters took overy home for 3 years the council has chaged me £10,500 concill tax when the sqaters were requesting releafand rent on roadand I can't get legal aid I am at the end of my tether
Santa - 24-Jan-19 @ 11:10 PM
My 80-year-old mother had a stairlift fitted and her bathroom adapted 12 years ago via a disabled grant arranged by the Local Authority. She is now in a home and I would like to remove the stairlift and sell it to cover the cost of making good. The LA has said they would like the stairlift back if possible but they will not make good the carpet and the stairs and have also said that it would save them charging us retrospectively for the equipment [ as they reserve the right to bill us]. My mother is not wealthy though she does own the house which is mortgage free, she is in receipt of Pension Credit and Attendance Allowance. We previously received a Direct Payment from the LA and they now fund most of the Care Home Fees. The home is my principal residence, I am over 60yrs of age and cared for my mother full time with the support of agency carers for 8 years until her illness became unmanageable at home. My question is: Who is the legal owner of 'installed' equipment ie the stairlift? Can I dispose of it and use the monies to make good the staircase and re-instate the bathroom?
Scribbler - 4-Jan-19 @ 1:07 PM
my ex partner is 56 and gas a 2 bed terraced house. He is disabled due to a severe stroke which paralised one side of his body. His roof on the house is in serious need of repair as water is causing damage to the bedroom ceilings. He owes a small amout approx £500 on a re mortgage he took out years ago. He is on benefits so cannot pay for repairs. He has been quoted £3,000 for a new roof. can he get any assistance
nita59 - 18-Nov-18 @ 11:57 AM
My daughter is s single parent on health benefits. She has a mortgage on a Grade 2 listed third floor flat. The dormer windows are in poor state of repair, draughts are sealed up with gaffa tape. She has no savings and cant afford the badly needed repairs. Is there any funding she may be able to apply for
Nanny - 7-Nov-18 @ 9:25 PM
I own my semi detached house with no mortgage,but the floorboards and joists have collapsed under the stairs and hallway.I have no savings.Is there a grant available for repairs please?I am 81 yrs old, living alone as a widow and my only income is the state pension. There are also some pointing/guttering issues that need fixing also some ceilings that need repair because of large cracks. is there any financial help avialable please?
jlajupiter - 6-Nov-18 @ 3:40 AM
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