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Family Action Grants to Help Those in Need

By: Kevin Watson MSc - Updated: 15 Jul 2020 | comments*Discuss
Family Action Mental Illness Domestic

25% of all people suffer mental illness at some stage in their lives. Such illness can lead to all manner of problems. Half of all adults who have debts, for example, are suffering financial hardship because of depression or some other type of mental trauma.

There are other facts about mental health that make sobering reading. Around 75% of people with depression never receive help or treatment; half of those with mental health problems have children that depend on them; and 65% of children with parents that have mental health problems will themselves experience mental illness.

This means that there are significant numbers of adults and children who are at risk because of mental health issues. Family Action is a charity that provides help to these vulnerable people.


Family Action dates back to 1869. Over a period of almost 150 years since then, it has developed a network of 100 services.

These services give welfare help to more than 45,000 families and children each year. This assistance is in the form of emotional support, practical measures and grants. Family Action also has an education-based information and grants scheme. This assists a further 150,000 people.

The charity’s emotional support and practical measures help resolve the many problems that arise from mental illness such as domestic abuse. An equally important aspect of Family Action’s work, however, is its grants programme. The charity has provided grants since it first began. It now administers educational and welfare grants throughout the UK. Both schemes have a range of priorities. The educational grants also have offshoots such as the Horizons Education Fund and the Mid-Yorkshire Social Work Fund.

Education Grants

Applicants for Family Action education grants must be students at an EGAS-affiliated university or college. EGAS is the Educational Grants Advisory Service. It helps students find grants from charitable trusts.

To be eligible for a Family Action grant, students must usually be receiving welfare benefits or on low incomes. They may also have families.

Family Action gives priority to students studying certain subjects. These tend to be practical rather than academic. They are the type of subjects that increase a student’s chances of gaining work.

Students don’t need to be British citizens to apply for grants. Refugees, people with leave to remain, and asylum seekers are eligible and may be studying International English Language Testing System (ILETS) courses or English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) courses.

Family Action doesn’t set limits to its education grants. The usual amount of each award, however, is £200 - £300. Students generally apply for such grants to help with education costs such as necessary equipment, travel and books.

Although there is no restriction to the amount of a grant, Family Action gives just one grant per applicant for each academic year.

Welfare Grants

The aim of Family Action’s welfare grants programme is to provide financial help to individuals and families who are on low incomes or who receive welfare benefits.

Grants normally work out at £100 - £300. They cover items such as clothing, cookers, washing machines, beds, medical adaptations and aids to communication.

There is a limit on overall funds for the grants. To control this limit, Family Action accepts applications only at specific times of the year. These are the months of March, June, September and December. The charity doesn’t process welfare grant applications outside these four months.

Family Action targets its welfare grants at priority areas. The first of these is mental health. Applicants, for example, must be aged over 18 and have a clearly diagnosed mental health problem.

The other priority areas are domestic abuse; sickness; disability; young people aged 19 – 25; and older people aged 60 or over. Family Action also offers grants to women living in Greater London who need a holiday to help them recover from illness or exertion.

In every instance, grant applicants should not apply directly to Family Action. They must seek the backing of someone who has worked with them such as a health worker or social worker. These representatives must complete and submit grant forms on behalf of the applicants.

If a grant request is successful, Family Action sends a cheque to the applicant’s representative. Applicants cannot receive direct payment.

Family Action restricts each successful applicant to one grant per year.

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I'm recently recovering from psycholicial abuse that my local state failed to see which has escalated which has now health secretary I am in very much need for financial assistance as my benefits are not enough as not claiming the right benefits but I Am not getting assistance with getting that done however it's left me struggling.
Tannar - 26-Jun-20 @ 12:41 PM
I have just explained my bipolar lack of money situation then it irradiated
Dee - 21-May-20 @ 8:03 AM
I have bipolar affective disorder anxiety and server mental challenges I have run out of money due to many bills and irrational spending
Dee - 21-May-20 @ 8:00 AM
Hi there I've been in temporary accodation for over two 18 months and still not being helped to move forward. I suffer from mental health issue and ptsd due a bad childhood and have had it for few years there days I can't go outside and days I don't leave my bed I am staying far away for family and friends and don't have any support near by as I'm in temporary accodation. Due to the co19 things have got really worse and am struggling to survive as are lots of the other people but I don't have any one to help me and am struggling with this so please would be helpful any adviceI have medical evidence to support my claim.
Olly - 8-May-20 @ 12:20 AM
Hi I wonder what help I can get I have 3 kids living at home with me I have fibromyalgia and ptsd from previous marriage issues I’m now divorced and supporting my kids on my own I can’t work We haven’t been away together since we were all a family and we just need something too uplift us as one of my kids has behavioural problems and anxiety It would just be so uplifting Thank you
Wat30 - 19-Apr-20 @ 11:07 PM
Dear reader. I got postnatal depression after my second born child in 2018. I was the breadwinner and I lost my job because I kept sleeping in and missing work due to depression. We got into loads of debt which we are still in. My wife then decided to make an attempt on her life last summer and was sectioned in a MH hospital. She has since been diagnosed with a mental illness. I am currently the main parent of the children as she struggles so much with her MH. I am asking for some financial help so I can buy some age appropriate clothes for my children and perhaps a trampoline or a slide for the garden as this pandemic is really crippling and the children can't go park and I can't afford to get them anything to entertain them which makes me feel depressed. Least if they had something good to play on outside it woukd give them exercise and lift our spirits. Thank you.
Daddy - 3-Apr-20 @ 10:31 PM
Hi, I am wondering if you can help me. I am currently not working due to severe depression and anxiety to which I cant leave the house. This is the main reason why my marriage fell apart which has made the situation even worse. I have spent time in various mental health hospitals due PTSD from my time the military. Money worries are a huge reason for my current state and I am wondering of the grants you offer would I be eligible for?. I dont know where else to turn at the moment as I have no family other than my children from my failed marriage. If you can help please let me know. Regards, Aaron Newton
Aaron - 11-Mar-20 @ 11:48 AM
Hi.. I have stage 3 copd and im now left stuck indoors as my mobility scooter has been vandalised right outside my front door!! Is there a grant scheme i can possibly apply to that could help me purchase a second hand one that would fit inside my flat rather than needing to be outside..
Ali - 9-Mar-20 @ 5:47 PM
Hi would like some help to take me and my stepdad away on holiday I am his carer he has mental health problems
Paul - 14-Feb-20 @ 1:35 AM
I would like to apply for a grant please I’m 36, live in Cornwall, I have a BSc degree in social work with 2:1 honours. I’m on universal credit and have zero funds. And in a nut shell I’m facing financial hardship because I lost my domiciliary health care company last March due to government cut backs within the social care sector This has ment that myself and my daughter last our home, we’re now in emergency housing and I have £20.000 of debt and now means of funding bankruptcy. The debt collectors are due to turn up any day now and in desperately searching around for financial help because my family are not in a position to support us. I can’t even get to a food bank because we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with no transport My duughter is in year 11 and doing her GCSEs but I can’t get her to school. The council have offered a bus pass but the bus stop is about a 45 minute walk along a dangerous country lane that’s full of blind bends and in dim light. The school are going to issue a fine but I can not get her to school and did not choose to live here where there is no public transport. We both suffer with mental health issues. I have a mixed form of ADHD, depression, anxiety, self harming, suiside attempts. Occasional psychosis and insomnia Kelsi has PTSD. Depression, anxiety and self harms I battle addiction on a daily basis, I’ve Been abstinent from drugs for about 6 months. I stopped abusing drugs when I was finally diagnosed with ADHD and put on amphetamines. I was abusing cocaine because it made me feel normal. Now I have the correct medication I don’t feel the need to use cocaine any more. Cocaine is obviously a stimulant and was helping my brain to function normally in the same way amphetamines do. Please please help us. I’m not coping and neither is my daughter She’s had a lot to process. She’s gone from attending a private boarding school to being in a special section of the state school because she needs more one on one support. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated Words can’t express how great-full I would be and how it would change my life. Thank you for ready this email Kind regards Lucy Millard BSc (Hons)
Luce - 2-Feb-20 @ 8:27 AM
Hi I’m really embarrassed to ask but I hv nobody only my two babies 3 nd 2 years old boys I hv mental illness we hv just left d homeless to a house that has no flooring whatsoever not a thing up on the windows the house is a state and I cnt afford to keep it heated my kids hv no winter wear we hv no bedding only single blanket we literally hv nothing and it’s heart breaking that Xmas is nearly here nd we will still b satlike this over the Xmas period and I can already feel my health deteriorating with d pressure of it al nd d need me becos al we hv is eachother I feel very very low and if ye cud help wit a grant that wud b amazing I know there are so many in need but I really and truly am desperate iv been suicidile in the past nd tried but thank god I was saved I really dnt wanna go dwn dat path again I jst need help the pressure is buckelling me and I’m so sorry for al the people dat messages you’s and hope we al find a hand that helps if cnt help thanks for reading this anyway x
Kat - 29-Nov-19 @ 1:41 AM
Hi need help my husband as he as one leg and stuffing with very bad depression he lives up stair for a year and 2 month trying to get him down is very hard latelyhe been saying he would coming down if he had something to do ,I asked him what like he reply wood work needing to buy a shed is going to be hard cause being on benefits and look after the other things my husband needs also having 2 kids with Christmas coming.it would be very hard It would be lovelyto see my husband smile to see a shed there him .can you help please.the shed his also for his scooter at the moment it in the house and in the way Thank you hope you can help
Belinda - 30-Oct-19 @ 2:16 PM
hi my name is siobhan I am a mother of 4 children one in which is disabled she has a brain a condition she has a go shunt in her brain she has selective muteism her day to day life is heard she also inconitent I've not had a washing machine for 3 months so money hard traveling to launderute 3 times a week with bedding clothes I have to go by taxi I've got to a point today I couldn't send my children to school unable to wash there clothes so that has set my daughter back a lot as she loves school so I'm asking if I could receive some help with funding to get some bedding & so I can wash our clothes till 5th November when we get our new washing machine as it broke & was replace by north Lanarkshire council.
siobhan - 25-Oct-19 @ 12:39 PM
I'm a 24 year old living in Lincoln in the UK. I came here initially to study at university two years ago. It was my second attempt at university after my first attempt a year prior in Plymouth ended with me being asked to leave due to my declining mental health. Shortly after that I was kicked out of my family home and spent about seven months on the streets/sofa surfing. My family and myself did later manage to repair our relationship and I spent 5 months with them before I set off to lincoln in september of 2017 for my second attempt at university. The first year went well but I still lacked a diagnosis of any kind and my treatment and medication was constantly changing. Shortly after I started my second year in Lincoln last year, my family and myself yet again fell out with each other and from October 2018 to March of 2019 I had no contact with them. However since march we have kept in contact however irregular it can be but they no longer feel they can help me. In April I was officially diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and since when have been on treatment for such. I am no longer at university as it was not viable for me, since when I have been on universal credit as a health claimant after my doctor declared me unfit for work. This however leaves me with little to do in the day, and little money to exist on. Once I've paid my rent I have about £64 to cover me for the month and from that I've got to cover my food as well as phone and repaying of debts. I literally have no options or ideas on how I can change my circumstances and am in desperate need of help and support
Henryb - 6-Oct-19 @ 2:15 PM
My 14 yr old daughter has been exploited abused and raped, can we get any help. I have had to give up work to home school her and spend 24 hours caring for her as she is deemed extremely vulnerable and self harms ect. What kind of help might we get it’s crushed her and our family.
Teddy - 3-Oct-19 @ 6:13 PM
I'm looking for some help. I have bipolar and am trying to get my life in order. Failing miserably. I am now housed and working but with debts and current expenses I'm always behind. I'm looking for help with carpet.
Fran - 17-Sep-19 @ 8:25 PM
Hi how do I apply for a grant for my complex need child as I need help with a few things for my daughter many thanks
Anonymous - 29-Aug-19 @ 11:05 AM
I was wondering if I can apply for a grant for mental health depression and anixety? And I don't work due too it. Done a health assessment at job centre but not getting any extra money as I'm limited capability of work. I'm struggling too look after myself I have a daughter iam a single mum. Her dad don't provide either as he never seen her and didn't Wana know I hope you can help?
Peach1981 - 25-Aug-19 @ 10:05 PM
I am trying to get some grants for help for young mum who has my grandson and anothsr one and one on the way who has disability her self and my grandson hope to get tested as wellthe grants are for fridge freezer and cooker if you can help or know can please let me know by email or call me on my mobile number 07766516877
Maz - 9-Aug-19 @ 8:09 AM
Hi, I'm not sure how I can apply for a grant. We are in desperate need of finacial assistance. We have been undergoing problems with universal credit since we first got forced onto it last August which has had a serious detrimental effect on my already fragile mental health. I suffer from Manic Depression Anxiety and recently I bavent felt like I want to be here anymore all things universal credit have been made aware of yet still refuse to provide us with any help and we really dont know where to turn. Theyve left us in so much debt that we currently have £22 pounds to live off for the rest of the month. We are a family of 4 (Myself, my partner and our two children aged 2 and 4). We would like the grant so that we are able to continue to get my partner to work. There have been so many times we havent been able to afford to get him there that he was recently given a disciplinary and told if he has any more time off he will lose his job. Again universal credit are aware of this but refuse to help us. Thank you for reading my comment. Hannie
Hannie - 7-Aug-19 @ 9:40 PM
Hi, I'm not sure how I can apply for a grant. We are in desperate need of finacial assistance. We have been undergoing problems with universal credit since we first got forced onto it last August which has had a serious detrimental effect on my already fragile mental health. I suffer from Manic Depression Anxiety and recently I bavent felt like I want to be here anymore all things universal credit have been made aware of yet still refuse to provide us with any help and we really dont know where to turn. Theyve left us in so much debt that we currently have £22 pounds to live off for the rest of the month. We are a family of 4 (Myself, my partner and our two children aged 2 and 4). We would like the grant so that we are able to continue to get my partner to work. There have been so many times we havent been able to afford to get him there that he was recently given a disciplinary and told if he has any more time off he will lose his job. Again universal credit are aware of this but refuse to help us. Thank you for reading my comment. Hannie
Hannie - 7-Aug-19 @ 9:40 PM
Out work 6 week help husband has neck broken on help rent benefits can't pay rent live got new job paid 30 August no money rent 1405 due 2 August stressful up set need help
Anita - 4-Aug-19 @ 5:45 PM
To whom this may concern I have a life long disability due to being born with a condition called craynosintosis which lead me to have an operation on my head at that moment 22 years ago no one knew if I was going to survive but luckily I had someone watching over me that day. Ever since I have suffered with being partly blind and deaf in both ears 3types of epilepsy learning difficulty and everyday is a challenge for me because all though I'm not physically disabled and I only have mental disabilty it's been difficult to cope in life when I feel as though I am being discrinsted by certain professionals. I would like to apply for a grant to help me feel stable again. For more information I would be happy to share. Thank you
Shorty - 2-Aug-19 @ 11:43 PM
I was diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder in 2011 and have 1 dependent. I am currently claiming Universal Credit as I lost my job due to my mental illness. I am in debt and was wondering if there was any financial help available. Many Thanks
Aks - 13-Jul-19 @ 6:52 PM
Hi my name is Stephen I am 40 years old and have 6 children I have suffered with severe anxiety and depression for 5 years I very rarely go out due to my anxiety issues and also have issues with my hygiene and toiletting due to my depression I am really in need of some clothing but don’t have the money any help would be gratefully received thanks
Ste - 29-Jun-19 @ 2:03 PM
Hi I’m rally struggling due to mental health illness and lost my job over this at Xmas I was a nurse and now I can barely feed me and my kids
Maggie - 23-May-19 @ 9:59 PM
Hi my name is James I have suffered with mental illness since I can remember I am 35 now I have been struggling financially for a while and at the moment I have no cooker so any help would be great thank you
James - 14-May-19 @ 9:46 AM
My son had congenital cockayne syndromeand due to his condition I would have to give him cpr and mouth to mouth to bring him back to life 2 -3 times a week but sadly Owen had a heart attack age 4 and passed away ..my heart never healed and every day is a struggle losing my little boy i been so depressed and lonely and heart broken i have financial difficulties and would be nice if i could get help As i got no one to turn to or help . I need clothes ,washing machine a bed so if anyone can help id appreciate every little help ..god bless x from Emma
emma29uk - 4-May-19 @ 9:06 PM
Hi I have a baby and suffer with mental health issues currently suffered domestic violence in relationship and emotional abuse and have not got money for deposit for flat or money to buy items for the flat can you please help
Prinny - 28-Apr-19 @ 7:36 AM
I have suffered mental health issues since the age of 15 and am now under the community mental health team. I have had to give up work as I have been at my worst recently. I am now having to claim UC and am in alot of debt. I have 3 children that Im scared I won't be able to afford the basics for. Is there any financial help I can get?
Stacy34 - 26-Apr-19 @ 9:38 PM
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